‘Dems Say the Darnedest Things’ (2015)

Woman Riding Circus Elephant, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus,  Chicago

So Mary and Joseph were Democrats. We know that because they rode a donkey into Jerusalem. If they’d been Republicans, they would have rented an elephant.

That was the argument in 2015.

Dems Say the Darnedest Things

Don’t you love it when leftids bloviate about Christianity? But it’s not just politicians (they’re hopeless). You can hear this twaddle in any liberal church.

6 comments on “‘Dems Say the Darnedest Things’ (2015)

  1. I just did a quick straw poll of the Gospels and didn’t see anything about Mary riding a donkey. These people prove only their ignorance, when they try to employ the scriptures. Besides that, how could they be Democrats when Andrew Jackson wouldn’t even create that party for another 1800 years, or so?

  2. First of all, I really thought you had made up the name Geg Stumbo; it sounds like one of yours 😆

    Secondly, the interesting thing about that article is how it was just before the democrats lost their ever living minds. The rumblings were there, but they were still sure that Trump was going to lose. They seem so … restrained, compared to the present
    Trump’s presidency tore off a mask that they are unable and unwilling to even try to put back.

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