Let Themb ‘Out’ Of Jale!!!!

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Wow!! On Niew Yeers Day neckst yeer awl soarts of Crimbinuls “wil” be let out of jale!!! This it “is” ether Illanoy or Bangla Desh,, i ferget witch–but “itll” “be” the Frist Stait to doo “awaighy” whith Cash Bale!!!!!! (https://wgnradio.com/news/on-january-1st-2023-illinois-jails-will-turn-many-prisoners-loose/) (I put in this heer Link so’s yiu can sea Its Troo!!!!)

Heer at collidge our Stoodint Soviet we voated to cawl “this” A Good Thing and awl “The” other staits thay shood “doo-it” tooo!!!!!

Hater-biggit Racists thay “Are” saying this it wil ownly Maik the Crime Rait go hyer and hyer butt wayt till thay Fined Out watt its reely foar!!!

Sea, we kneed awl themb jale sells to lock Up “the” Reel Crimbinuls!! For reel Crymes!!! Lyke Climbit Chains De-Nile, and sayying Bad Things abuot being Trans, and tryying to Stop Aboarsion, and Using Rawng Pro-Nowns, reeding that thare Bybul that thayr awlyaws Going On abuot!!!!!!!! And voating foar Repulbicans!!! Not for stopid Little Crymes like two-degree Murdur and Arsin and Armd Robbry and stuph!!!!! Thay ownly camit thoze Crymes “becose Of” Sistembickal Racism and thay got no Munny for Bale!!!!!! And Ritch Wyte Chrischins thay jist “pay” A Little bit “of” Munny and thats Awl!!!!

Oncet the Crimbinuls thay Are “awl Out” of Jale and Crischin Biggits thay Are awl In Jale, Amaricka it wil Becumb “waht It” was awlyaws mennt To Be!!!!!!!!!!

DeSantis Suspends Far Left State Attorney

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gestures as he speaks during a news conference Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022, in Tampa, Florida. DeSantis announced that he was suspending State Attorney Andrew Warren, of the 13th Judicial Circuit, due to "neglect of duty."

He’s not kidding!

People in Democrat cities are struggling with soaring crime rates and “progressive” prosecutors who refuse to prosecute crimes; but it won’t be like that in Florida, if Gov. Ron DeSantis has his way.

DeSantis has suspended the State Attorney in Hillsborough County for refusing to enforce state laws against rioting, “sex-change” for minors, and new limits on abortion (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4083129/posts)–with sheriff’s deputies and police officers backing him up.

The serious crimes ignored by the State Attorney include attempted murder.

It used to be just a rhetorical flourish to accuse Democrats of coddling criminals. Now it’s a reality: that’s exactly what they do. This jidrool in Hillsborough County boldly announced that he would not prosecute certain crimes. So the governor suspended him. We hope it will be followed up by charges of criminal malfeasance.

Is there any doubt that Far Left Crazy is actively trying to take down America?

More Blue City Thuggery

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New York subway–ride it if you dare.

Dig that New York City crime rate. Too bad you can’t buy stock in that. Up, up, and up!

Today on the radio I heard the heart-warming story of a violent kook pulled in for an unprovoked and extremely bizarre assault on a woman in the subway (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10571207/Man-smeared-feces-womans-face-subway-NYCs-streets.html). In fact, the incident is too disgusting for me to describe here; you’ll have to click the link.

This guy has been arrested and released 44 times. He attacks people. He cursed out the judge at his hearing. They just arrest him, let him go on no bail, and then have to arrest him again for another crime–sometimes less than 24 hours after the last arrest.

This is Democrat government. It’s just as bad in other cities that they run. It used to be just a thing people said, “The Democrats coddle criminals.” It’s turned out to be true.

I have no idea why they do this. They just always do.

And everyone who votes for them has helped them do it.


High-Crime Blue City Weekend: 6 Stabbed in NY Subways

Dangerous Man In The Hood Stands In The Dark And Holds A Knife. The Face Is  Not Visible. The Concept Of Crime, Murder. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty  Free Image. Image 100822616.

Are you impressed by the governing activities of The World’s Smartest People? When was the last time you saw them do anything right?

New York City’s festival of misgovernment continued this weekend, with six residents stabbed as they sought to ride the subway (https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/595148-at-least-6-stabbed-in-new-york-subway-system-this-weekend). No one was killed, but all were injured.

So you want to ride the New York City subway? Lotsa luck with that. When they don’t stab you, they like to push you off the platform and onto the tracks.

The stabbing party occurred just days after the mayor and governor announced their “Subway Safety Plan,” which seems to be centered on somehow getting crazy homeless persons to feel better about themselves.

They’ll jail you for using the wrong pronouns; but if you’re a violet criminal or a total out-to-lunch wacko, Democrats just love you.

Justice and Poobah Don’t Mix

Top 10 Songs About Imaginary Creatures

Imaginary monster! Like Gun Violence

As the violent crime rate shoots through the ceiling in one Democrat city after another, the politicians–was it always such a shameful thing to be?–are beating the drum about “Gun Violence.” Gotta do somethin’ about Gun Violence!

This is ca-ca. There is no such real thing as Gun Violence. Gun Violence is an abstraction. The only reason to speak of it as a real thing is to try to deceive whoever might be listening.

No one has ever been or ever will be killed by Gun Violence. No: you get killed by violent criminals who use guns to commit crimes. The criminals are not abstractions; they are real. And they’re having a high old time lately because Democrat politicians, who run the blue cities and the blue states, turn them loose on little or no bail–just as if they hadn’t a care in the world about these villains committing more crimes, hurting innocent people.

We do not know why Democrat officials do this. By some weird political alchemy, they transmute a three-time rapist into a… “victim.”

What do you suppose would happen to the crime rate if murderers and rapists were promptly put to death, after conviction, and other felons got thrown into prison for a very long time? Not that Democrat politicians would ever allow it. They have to be smashed first before we can effectively protect ourselves from predators.