One Crazy Lizard

Here’s a little green anole (you might know them as “dime-store chameleons”) who’s found his niche in the suburbs–

As an aviator.

The maker of this video tells us the lizard is on the air conditioner almost every day. Why? It looks dangerous.

By the end of the video, I think you’ll have an answer to the question.

P.S.–These are very good little lizards and can make nice pets.

4 comments on “One Crazy Lizard

  1. One thins that amazes me about creation, is that even the simplest of animals seem to have to capacity for fun. He’s not a lizard, he’s a fellow aviator. (If you’ve ever flown an airplane yourself, you know that amazing feeling when you first break ground.)

    1. You don’t even have to be the pilot. Passengers can feel it too. Whenever I traveled by air, whether commercial or military, whether superjet, C-130, or chopper, I always loved best that moment when I could feel the lift as the aircraft broke ground. My spirit always lifted along with the aircraft.

    2. That’s exactly how it always has felt to me. When the plane left the ground, I felt like my troubles had stayed on the runway.

      Piloting an aircraft is not like driving a car. Once you are established in cruise, you aren’t very busy with control inputs, even without an autopilot, but you need to have your mind fully engaged, 100% of the time. In a sense, it’s a relief, because mundane concerns can, and should, be forgotten when your mind is consumed with piloting tasks.

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