We Sended ‘A’ Leter To Jobydin!!!

14 hilariously honest notes written by children

We Stoodint Soviet has wroted “A” leter To Pressadint Jobydin!!! That thare leter Up Thare it is not “the” one we sented “to” “The” Wite Hause,, i doughnt know “waht” it is dooing Up Thare!!!! But it doughnt mater! Jobydin he wil Give It “to” the Toooth Fary neckst time “he” seize her!!!!

We writed to congrajerlate himb for beeing Abel to maik a new Supreem Corte Jutstus and it wil Be a Blackk Wimmyn!!!!!!!!!! But we aslo whant to Cheeer himb on to “go” sevril steppes Farthor!!!

In adicion to Beeing a Black Wimmin,, the New Jutstus she shood aslo be a Trans Wimmin whoo Is “heer” illeagly and aslo Dis-abbled and she doughnt Speke Inglish!!!!! It is Impotent to get “as” menny Cattagorys as yiu Can “into” one parson!!!!!! Becoause thares Ownly ate (8) jujjes and Evry “Mynoritty” “t”hay mussed “be” reprezenttid”!”!”

Woodint “it be” Grate iff thare was All Mynorittys up thare and aslo evvry ware Ellse?? Nothing butt Mynorittys??? Us Interllecturals we “can” maik Shure thay sickseed In “evvry-Thing” thay doo!!!!!!!

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