We’re Going to Rest

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Enough is enough. Everyone is racist, “pregnant man” emoji, country governed by freaks, clowns, criminals, and dotards… enough already.

Outside it’s been snowing since early last night and it’s still coming down, big-time. Let it snow. If I can’t get my car out by Monday, there’s always the cab. It’s so quiet here when it snows!

Join us in spirit this afternoon, as we seek out a nice undemanding movie to watch and look forward to a supper of frozen cod fillets in beer batter (don’t laugh–they’re very tasty: Gorton’s got it right this time), french fries, and peas. See, we’re getting better. Slowly. We have ice cream, too.

Our cats are conked out sleeping, they always sleep when it snows. Robbie seems to be in pretty good shape; good spirits, too. Thank you for your prayers.

Childhood memory: heavy snow outside, I’m in bed with a favorite book, no school, and my iguana, half-grown, climbs halfway up the curtain and stops to watch it snow. later, a hearty bowl of pastina.

6 comments on “We’re Going to Rest

  1. While I do not advocate taking the Law of Moses as binding upon Christians, I do practice a half baked sabbath of my own. I allow myself one day per week when I can back away from the demands of life and simply rest. By the way, the sabbath of the Old Testament was just that; a day of rest. It wasn’t set aside for organized worship, but one was to do no work.

    Having a job that can be hectic and demanding, I have found that one day when I can simply rest is very helpful. This morning, I took my pulse, and at rest, it was 59-60. That ain’t bad. I have found that by designating one day per weekend as being reserved for rest, my tolerance of life’s challenges has improved, markedly. Today is my day of rest, and I’m about to go grab a bite for lunch, then maybe watch a movie. No snow involved. 🙂

  2. When I lived in Wisconsin, I always loved watching it snow. I liked the heavy snowfall, even though at times it made the roads impassable.

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