‘The World’s Oldest Board Game’ (2019)

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The game board pictured above was found in an ancient tomb at Ur, Abraham’s home town. Abraham might have played it. In fact, in John Huston’s The Bible, we see Abraham playing the game while waiting for Isaac to be born.

The World’s Oldest Board Game?

You can play, too, if you can buy “The Royal Game of Ur.” It has modern rules, because the old ones are lost: similar to Parcheesi.

Don’t take the above essay too seriously. I just thought we ought to have some fun today.

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  1. Burkan Hare, indeed, forsooth. Lee, you should be ashamed of yourself — too many sly jokes all in one name. 🙂

  2. I’ve played the game on a web browser and on a phone app. It’s actually really fun!
    And here is a funny video of Irving Finkel (who worked out alternate rules for the game) playing it with a young scientist guy.

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