Did Owner Pay Coach to Lose Games?

To bribe a public official, how much money does it really take?

As a child, were you ever told, or did you ever read, that “sports build character”?

Surely they jest.

The former head coach of pro football’s Miami Dolphins, currently suing the league for racial discrimination, has also said that the owner of the Dolphins, a big real estate muck-a-muck, offered him $100,000 for every game he lost (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-02-02/dolphins-owner-dangled-100-000-per-tanked-game-ex-coach-says).

Why would the boss want his team to lose? Ah! The NFL rewards failure. The team with the worst record gets first choice of the up-and-coming college players.

The coach says he was fired for not purposely losing games.

What if the charge is not true? Well, then you’ve got this career athlete smearing his employer and telling a tale that could undermine the credibility of the whole sport. That’s not good character. But if it is true–hey, how dumb do you feel now, for having bet on games that weren’t on the level?

As for the racial discrimination (“They won’t hire me because I’m black!”) suit–this guy at the time was the only black head coach in a league of 32 teams in which most of the players (57.5%) are black.

If I owned a team, I don’t think I’d want to hire a guy who says his last owner tried to pay him to lose games.

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