‘A Free Ride for Every Drone?’ (2015)

Remember “Occupy Wall Street”? Wasn’t that fun? And Rolling Stone gave tons of exposure to the dangle who was leading it.

The idea was, “Work blows,” and lazy ne’er-do-wells should be paid by the government just for existing. Well, heck, somebody has to play all those video games.

A Free Ride for Every Drone?

We don’t hear much from Occupy Wall Street anymore, but the crackpot ideology remains. I wonder how many college students now believe they’ll never have to work. We’ve got socialists in Congress now.

Honk if you believe our education system, which preaches this slop, is going to kill our country.

8 comments on “‘A Free Ride for Every Drone?’ (2015)

  1. No need to “occupy” anything by now, since Brandon has been shooting moneybags at all the layabouts now. And why bother breaking into or taking over stores when you can just shoplift everything you want and no one is allowed to stop you?

  2. With the Freedom Convoys and truckers protesting the restrictions and mandates, I’ve found myself remembering the Occupy groups, and comparing how differently the politicians and media are responding. Back then, you had useless layabouts, camping in increasing squalor and filth, pretending to be brave Marxist revolutionaries. The media lauded them as heroes, governments mouthed platitudes, the police did nothing, even when there was theft, violence, vandalism and even rapes. Now, we’ve got truckers and their supporters, singing, dancing, sharing food, shoveling sidewalks and picking up garbage, and they are being held up as domestic terrorists, racists and violent vandals.

    If it weren’t for double standards, the media and politicians would have no standards at all.

    The Occupy groups accomplished nothing. They slunk away, patting themselves on the back for being oh, so brave, standing up to the evil capitalists, and nothing changed. The truckers, however, contribute to every aspect of our society in one way or another. If they take themselves out of the equation, everything collapses without them.

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