Cats Who Steal Pizza

Gee, that headline sounds like a PBS special, doesn’t it? Quick, find a sociologist!

Meanwhile, I wonder about people who just stand there with cameras while their cats get into mischief. It’d serve them right if the stolen pizza wound up under the sheet in their bed.

7 comments on “Cats Who Steal Pizza

  1. Hah! We’ve never had a cat that did such a thing, but we have had dogs that did. One dog ruined a complete meal once by touching everything on the table, eating a little and messing up the rest.

  2. My red Persian, Pooh (two cats before Iggy), once ran off with an entire eye round roast — a small one, to be sure — and another time he ran off with a whole corn on the cob, which I don’t know how he planned on eating. We used to say that he’d anything that didn’t eat him first.

    Once I was eating a bowl of pasta when the phone rang. I jumped up to answer it, said I’d call back later, and raced back to the table — where I found Pooh sitting in my chair and eating the pasta out of the bowl with his paws, carefully wiping the tomato sauce off his paws between mouthfuls onto my beautiful white table cloth with the black flower print. We then had some yelling and a chase around the table. Pooh finally ducked under the nearly-floor-length tablecloth and stuck his head out with his Cute Face on (a bit marred by some lingering tomato sauce around his mouth). I collapsed in laughter. And then I put some wet paper towels over tomatoey part of the tablecloth and finished eating my pasta. Who cares about pawprints in the pasta as long as we can get them out of the tablecloth? (And yes, I did get the stains out of the cloth.)

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