My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 3 (‘Christian Communists?’)

Communist Francis | Pope Francis Signs a Lamborghini | Know Your Meme

Is it real or is it photo-shopped? With this Pope you never know.

It really bugs me that the current Pope is always trying to wrest wealth out of the hands of those who worked for it and dole it out to those who didn’t.

Christian Communists?

How much power does this man want to give the government? Did he sleepwalk though the entire 20th century? He wants these thieves, villains, and shysters to “redistribute” wealth? How out-to-lunch do you have to be, to entrust that job to the likes of Barak Obama, Bernie Sanders, or Xi Jin Ping? We know where that wealth ends up!

This world needs a better Pope.

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    1. I believe you, all right. And it’s not just Catholics: all denominations of the Church are riddled with–what do I even call it?

  1. “I’ll see your Lenin and raise you a Gavin Newsom.” I love that line!! So glad you are calling out the Red Pope. A true Christian is to be against the One-Worlders/Globalists/Statists. When fraudulent biden visited the pope, the pope did not even call biden out for his pushing of abortion world wide!

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