A Nation of ‘Terrorists’?

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Ain’t exactly the Gunpowder Plot, is it?

What Democrats do to language! Reason No. 959,476 why they should never be in power.

Take the words terror, terrorist, and terrorism, for instance.

Our Democrat-run Dept. of Homeland Security has issued a “terror alert” for a “heightened terrorist threat” mostly consisting not of bad guys trying to blow us up or something, but “misleading narratives and conspiracy theories and other forms of mis- dis-and-malinformation (MDM)…” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/02/biden-department-homeland-security-declares-heightened-terrorism-threat-due-fake-news-online/). Gee, someone took the time to create an acronym. How thoughtful.

According to our so-called government, the “number one threat” is “fake news.” No, they’re not talking about CNN, MSNBC, or The View. When they say “fake news,” they mean–especially!–voicing doubts that the 2020 election was on the level. You’re supposed to believe 81 million people, very few of whom ever came to any rallies, voted for SloJo. If you don’t believe it, that makes you a “terrorist.”

You can also become a “terrorist” by being the parent of a child in public school and attending a school board meeting to complain about your little kid being taught he or she and the whole damned family are evil racists, etc.

It gives me no pleasure to report nooze like this; but if we’re going to pray for God’s help, we have to know what we’re up against. We have to make sure our imprecatory prayers hit the right target.

At least it shouldn’t be too hard to distinguish, anymore, between God’s way and the wrong way.

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  1. If we think on Luke 11:17-18, our course should be more clear. We have the advantage of being in God’s Kingdom instead of the kingdom divided against itself. However, we need to be a kingdom standing strong together in love.

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