Elephants Who Are Not Elephants!

Big Bad Wolf loves Elephant - Drawception

We are told by Surpassingly Smart People that:

a) “Some men have vaginas, and can get pregnant.”

and b) “Some women have penises.”

And add to these (drum roll, please–and make it loud!) c) “Some elephants are hamsters.”

Hamsters with trunks, to be more precise. And tusks. And big floppy ears. Elephants are these really big hamsters with trunks. Hamsters who are not quite there yet are “transitioning into elephants.” The term “trans elephants” is not as respectful as it ought to be, but a few more Democrat judges will put a stop to that. The proper term is “Elephants-Plus!” Make sure to add the exclamation point.

Next: Drinking fountains are actually jukeboxes. Don’t you dare say different.

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