‘Nooze & Politics: It’s Bloomberg’ (2019)

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In 2019 the potential Democrat candidate for president who scared me most was Michael Bloomberg, owner of Bloomberg News, who’d recently finished a 12-year stint as mayor of New York City without leaving it a shambles.

Nooze & Politics: It’s Bloomberg

Remember? Bloomberg spent half a billion (!) dollars on the primaries, with nothing to show for it but a couple of delegates from Guam.

I was afraid of Bloomberg because he combined administrative competence with way out-to-lunch social engineering schemes. Banning soda, banning salt, for example. He believed the chief use of taxation was to make people behave as the government wants them to behave. And of course he was for open borders.

In light of what we wound up getting, Bloomberg couldn’t possibly have been anything but better. But when cheating is rewarded with impunity, you know the Biden family won’t be far behind.

It’s About Time Someone Said This

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A New York Superior Court judge has ruled that keeping mail-in voting in place because of COVID-19 fears, is unconstitutional (https://nypost.com/2022/10/21/ny-republicans-score-win-in-legal-wager-against-absentee-voting/). In fact, said the judge, this policy strands citizens “in an Orwellian perpetual state of health emergency… cloaked in a veneer of voter enfranchisement.”

The judge ordered local election boards to stop counting such absentee ballots.

Boy, was this ever overdue!

In 2019 it was measles, but that didn’t fly. In 2020 it was the gift from Hades, the Chinese Wuhan Death Virus, and they were off to the races with the lockdowns and the mail-in voting. In 2022 they tried it with monkey pox, but by then the people weren’t buying.

Much has been done, this time around, to make it harder to cheat. But it has not been made impossible to cheat. Mail-in voting and drop boxes were open invitations to electoral fraud in 2020.

Ooh-ooh-ooh! You are an Election Denier!

The 2020 election? Damned right I deny it. Me and several tens of millions of others.

2 Stories to Watch Out For

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I’m not going to write them up as yet, ’cause everybody else has already done it, but here are two nooze stories I recommend we keep an eye on. I expect they’ll lead to bigger things.

(One) Biden, by invoking hitherto-unknown executive powers, “forgives” debt on student loans–at least $10,000 a head, maybe as much as $20,000. The cost of this caper has been estimated at anywhere from $300 billion to $600 billion. In other words, they have no idea what it’ll cost! And if you just finished paying off your loan two weeks ago–well, now you can help a lot of Gender Studies majors welsh on theirs! This is not nice and certainly not fair, a bald-faced ploy to round up the idiot vote in time for the mid-terms: and we may expect it to go to court quite soon.

(Two) Big Tech titan Mark Zuckerberg, whose social media froze out the Hunter Biden laptop story to help SloJo “win” in 2020, is now saying “The FBI made me do it!” Now why is he saying that? What’s he suddenly afraid of? We wonders, Precious–yess, we wonders! Gollum gollum! He was sitting pretty, not a care in the world, and he comes out with this? He’s gonna need a food-taster! (Coroner’s verdict: “Accidentally shot himself in the back while shaving.”]

Watch for these stories to grow bigger. The nooze media will try to sweep them under the rug, but it may already be too late for that.


A Nation of ‘Terrorists’?

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Ain’t exactly the Gunpowder Plot, is it?

What Democrats do to language! Reason No. 959,476 why they should never be in power.

Take the words terror, terrorist, and terrorism, for instance.

Our Democrat-run Dept. of Homeland Security has issued a “terror alert” for a “heightened terrorist threat” mostly consisting not of bad guys trying to blow us up or something, but “misleading narratives and conspiracy theories and other forms of mis- dis-and-malinformation (MDM)…” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/02/biden-department-homeland-security-declares-heightened-terrorism-threat-due-fake-news-online/). Gee, someone took the time to create an acronym. How thoughtful.

According to our so-called government, the “number one threat” is “fake news.” No, they’re not talking about CNN, MSNBC, or The View. When they say “fake news,” they mean–especially!–voicing doubts that the 2020 election was on the level. You’re supposed to believe 81 million people, very few of whom ever came to any rallies, voted for SloJo. If you don’t believe it, that makes you a “terrorist.”

You can also become a “terrorist” by being the parent of a child in public school and attending a school board meeting to complain about your little kid being taught he or she and the whole damned family are evil racists, etc.

It gives me no pleasure to report nooze like this; but if we’re going to pray for God’s help, we have to know what we’re up against. We have to make sure our imprecatory prayers hit the right target.

At least it shouldn’t be too hard to distinguish, anymore, between God’s way and the wrong way.

Arizona Ballot Audit: Tons of Illegal Ballots

PEC denies authenticity of video showing ballot stuffing - Daily News Egypt

Oh, boy! Another box of iffy ballots!

If you’re following this story in our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media, you’re hearing that the 2020 election in Arizona was just fine, move on, folks, there’s nothing to see here. They’re saying that because the hand recount in Maricopa County (that’s where Phoenix is) was supposedly okay.

But according to The Federalist, “tens of thousands of ballots were illegally cast or counted,” opening the door to a rather bad smell (https://thefederalist.com/2021/09/27/arizona-2020-vote-audit-finds-potentially-election-shifting-numbers-of-illegal-ballots/).

Doddering Joe “won” the state by some 10,000 votes. So never mind all those unsigned–and therefore illegal–early ballots.

The situation is complicated and confusing, and it’s going to take some time for the smoke to clear. Again, the easy thing to do–and maybe also the most dangerous to our republic–is to sweep it all under the rug and pretend it never happened.

Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

Will It Hit the Fan Today in Arizona?

In just another hour and a half, Pacific Time, the Arizona Senate will open a hearing on a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in that state.

What will happen? Alleged leaks run the gamut of “Massive Fraud, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt!” to “Nope, nothin’ wrong here–pure as the driven snow.”

By far the easiest thing would be to whitewash the whole business and pretend it never happened. I will not be terribly surprised if that’s what they do. And then we can all sit on our hands for three more years and watch this doddering swigg in the White House do as much damage as he can, as fast as he can. Maybe the country will survive to the 2022 elections. But that’s only a maybe.

But what if they do find fraud, and prove it? Then what?

I think my wife came close to a bullseye when she said, “If they call fraud, you’re going to see more lawyering than you ever saw before.” Having stolen the country, Democrats are hardly likely to walk away from it. They’ll fight to keep it.

But a cascade of lawyering just might save the country! If Dems are kept busy running back and forth to court, and finding persons to blame for everything, they might not have time to do all the mischief they’ve planned.

And then there’s our Free & Independent Nooze Media. At the moment they’re downplaying Arizona. Count on them to do anything and everything that helps the Democrat Party. If the Dems go down the drain, the noozies might go with them. Maybe the threat of that can be used against them.

I have to wait till 4 p.m. Eastern Time for the hearing to begin. Again, I have no high hopes. I don’t dare have any.

But the Judge of all the earth will surely do right.

Editor’s Note: You may be wondering why I’ve decorated this post with that video of a very annoying squeaky toy. It is intended to preview the reaction of the nooze media if fraud is proved in Arizona. Just think of it as a CNN made of rubber.

‘Three Chess Moves Ahead’

Douglas Wilson | Desiring God

Doug Wilson: “Don’t take the bait!”

(Thanks to Susan for this.)

Doug Wilson has a pithy essay, Three Chess Moves Ahead (https://dougwils.com/books-and-culture/s7-engaging-the-culture/three-chess-moves-ahead.html) in which he warns of an active plot to subvert and take over our country.

It’s not a conspiracy theory when you can point to real people doing real things, bad things, and say “See what they’re doing!”

He thinks a certain element of our country’s, er, “leadership” is looking to pick a fight with the American people, to goad us into some ill-advised, dramatic but ineffective actions which will them justify “a draconian overreaction on stilts and steroids.” Sort of like the Jan. 6 “insurrection” at the capitol. They’re going out of their way to provoke us, he says, so they can then crush us. His advice, repeated often: “Don’t take the bait.”

Wilson thinks it would be a very great deal harder to cheat in the midterm elections than in the presidential election, and that the 2022 midterms our our best hope of taking back our country. But we have to get there safely first. Democrats will be highly motivated to do things to upset the midterms.

It’s sort of a long essay, with a lot of quotable quotes, and well worth reading.

Let me know what you think of it.

Beto: ‘Call Me Jose’

In his struggle to win the 2020 Democrat nomination for president, Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke, dba “Beto O’Rourke,” must overcome the double handicap of not being a “minority” and not being a woman: most Dems say you’ve got to be one or the other, or both, to be president of the United States. Those are the most important qualifications for the office.

Well, poor Beto is neither, even though his current alias is intended to get people to think he’s at least part Mexican. But apparently it is not a big enough part, and Beto is doing something about it.

According to a confidential source who is as close to the candidate as it is possible to be without actually merging with him like in that Bergman movie Persona, “Beto is going to change his name, officially, to Jose Jimenez and put it out that his parents came here illegally and he’s, like, an anchor baby and he’d’a been a Dreamer if there were Dreamers when he was born.”

“It was a tough call for him,” said the source. “He had half a mind to have his sex changed and then call himself Maria Chavez, the long-lost cousin of the late Hugo Chavez; but in the long run, he couldn’t face the operation. You know–like he gets his you-know-what removed and still can’t win the nomination, it’s not like they can just duct-tape it back. So the name change is the way to go.”

The next step, said the source, is “to come up with a really catchy slogan. We’re looking at ‘Down With No-Good Stinkin’ White America,’ but we will entertain further suggestions.”

Governed by Idiots

Yesterday, as our nooze media rejoiced and tried to spin it as the start of a whole new age, Democrats took control of the House of Representatives. This is something America should be ashamed of.

Rep. Hank Johnson, Georgia Democrat, gave a speech likening President Donald Trump to “Hitler” and everybody who voted for him, all 63 million of us, to “white supremacists” who are plotting to “destroy democracy.” This earwig was last heard from a couple of years ago, when he voiced his fear that the island of Guam might “tip over, or capsize” if any more Marines were stationed on it.

I don’t know about you, but I resent being governed by morons, who get a damned nice slab of our money for doing it. I don’t like to think of our nation’s laws and policies being made in the lunatic asylum on Capitol Hill. And I don’t like to be reminded that these idiots, these walking cabbages, were actually elected.

For the good of our country, start working now on the 2020 election, to see that the Democrat Party is finally and for all time put out of business, forever.

There is no excuse for voting for a Democrat. Ever.