Think You’ve Got Troubles With the Weather?

Dig this video from Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan–snow canyons, snow mountains, snow on top of snow: enough to bury a bus twice over.

Global Warming, eh? And don’t mess with the folks who cleared these roads. If they’re tough enough for that, they’re too tough for us.

Yeah, okay, we do expect it to snow on Hokkaido. They had Winter Olympics there, some years ago. But gee whiz–this is snow that doesn’t take prisoners. Yipes.

4 comments on “Think You’ve Got Troubles With the Weather?

  1. Snow can be quite daunting. I remember winter visits to northern Minnesota and walking down sidewalk canyons with snow piled higher than my head. People that have lived in more temperate areas have a hard time imagining such a thing, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving, because it becomes a new problem when it starts to melt. Of course, the climbit chains folks will be glad to blame it on their favorite boogie man.

  2. The Climate Change hoax will go the way of Ozone holes, Acid rain, and over population. The Earth is not warming anymore, the ice in Antarctica is growing at record rates, and Al Gore has out stayed his welcome.

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