By Request, ‘Yes, We’ll Gather at the River’

We’ve got two hymn requests this morning; so here’s another beautiful old-fashioned hymn, from 1864–Yes,. We’ll Gather at the River, requested by Erlene, sung here by Burl Ives. We can’t help looking to Psalm 46: “There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God…”

What a glad gathering this will be!

7 comments on “By Request, ‘Yes, We’ll Gather at the River’

  1. The River in Heaven must be awesome. Testimonies of those who have had NDE’s and come back to describe what they saw tell of splendors more amazing than we can imagine.

  2. Thank you for that one. Could you please paly another Burl Ives one? You can pick which one.

  3. Yes, We’ll Gather at the River. As I listened to Burl Ives sing that wonderful hymn, I wept, for I thought of my loved ones, those who are already there. My daughter, my wife, mother and father, many old friends, and soon to be, my oldest son Nathan. He is slipping away fast. He has MS, and is now bedridden. We don’t think he will make it to see spring. I pray I will be able to fly back to Wisconsin, shortly, to say goodbye. There are some very big hurdles in the way.

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