Let’s Try Something Different

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I’m already sick and tired of the nooze today. Truckers called “terrorists” because they want their freedoms back. That dog-and-pony show with Russia and Ukraine–although if Putin does press the invasion button, you can be sure contempt for Biden in particular and the U.S.A. in general have a lot to do with it. After Afghanistan, who respects us?

And teachers’ unions… and “educators”… ghaaah.

So, y’know what I’m gonna do today? After I have my cigar, I’ll post hymns. I have two of them waiting. And maybe I’ll do Joe Collidge.

I’ve left a little time for you to try to talk me out of this, if you think I need to write up some more nooze. I do try to be responsive to my readership.

3 comments on “Let’s Try Something Different

  1. No news on my account, you can be sure. I love the hymns, which do make sense and bring enjoyment.

  2. Joe Collige, yes. More hymns, yes. And how about the history of senator biden’s love affair with the globalists, his wanting a New World Order (“Build Back Better”), his love affair with the banks, especially the credit card companies, and his indebtedness to China for his personal wealth – then again, that is too depressing so just enjoy your cigar.

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