Mr. Nature: Bagworms

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The first time I found one of these on Aunt Louise’s shrubbery, no one could tell me what it was. Eventually I learned it was a bagworm in its bag–a bag made out of bits of evergreenery.

These insects are a sort of moth, except the female is wingless and lives in the bag, where she will lay several hundred eggs. The bag is a winter shelter. They’re found throughout the eastern U.S. The males fly around, but you’d never notice them.

The caterpillar starts building its bag well before winter comes. When it gets cold outside, the caterpillar attaches its bag to a matching shrub and gets busy pupating.

(Another prayer request has come in, so I’d better get busy on that!)

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  1. So it’s not a work that works for the mob? 🙂

    It fascinates me, the many ways God has created living things to survive in different circumstances. Just more evidence of the genius of our Maker.

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