‘So What’s the Mask For, Again?’ (2020)

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How easy it was to lock us down and shut us up! How we knuckled right under to house arrest! How compliant we were when they ordered us–ordered us!–to wear masks everywhere we went!

We must never forget how easy it was to take our liberties from us.

So What’s the Mask for, Again?

This must never be allowed to happen again. The globalists, you may be sure, are already brewing up the next Pandemic. What will they demand of us this time?

Never, never, never, never again.

My Newswithviews Column, March 30 (‘Confessions of a Blindfolded Newsman’)

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It shames me that I sat through the 1970s as a newspaper editor and reporter and never understood, never even really saw, what was being done right before my eyes. I was in a position to sound the alarm… and was asleep at the switch.

Confessions of a Blindfolded Newsman

might have done something! I might have written something that would have moved people to rally, and to save the freedom and independence of their local school boards before it was too late.

And someone should have blown the whistle on the teachers’ union.

I don’t think the people knew what they were getting. And that was our fault–us “journalists.” We failed in our duty.

And some failed on purpose.

Now They’re Rewriting Agatha Christie

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A baby will grow up. A “modern reader” won’t.

Even the world’s all-time best-selling novelist isn’t safe from today’s censors and rewrite roaches. Yes, they’re even rewriting Agatha Christie (https://deadline.com/2023/03/agatha-christie-hercule-poirot-miss-marple-classic-mysteries-rewritten-modern-readers-1235310224/).

The crawling squid at Harper Collins want to make her mystery novels more–I don’t know what: stupid?–un-scary?–to “modern readers,” whatever they are, have decided to rewrite Agatha Christie’s tales of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. White out (oops! can I say that?) any word or sentence that might conceivably offend, wound, disturb, or cheese off some nonbinary toadstool out there.

Didn’t we use to despise the old Soviet Union for doing stuff like this? Don’t we laugh at the ancient Egyptians for vandalizing some of their own monuments by chiseling out the names of historical figures that had fallen from favor? For making like history never happened?

Move over, Roald Dahl! Move over, Ian Fleming! Agatha Christie needs her seat on the “Censored” bench.

I don’t believe that any novel ever written and published can do anything like the harm done by self-appointed Far Left censors.

They want to keep us in strollers, sucking on pacifiers, forever.

If You Defund The Universities, They’ll Behave

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You say exactly what we want you to say–you’re hired!

The English Dept. at the University of Houston Downtown has removed an “anti-racism statement” that it had required all faculty and staff to sign onto, expressing their heartfelt (LOL) support for Far Left Crazy (https://campusreform.org/article?id=21579).

Why did they back down?

Well, Gov. Greg Abbot’s office got involved and it was suggested that there might not be any more state aid for neo-Stalinist stupid factories. And that, as they say, was that.

Man, oh, man! If you’re looking to invest in stocks, run out and buy Compelled Speech–because it’s taking off like a rocket, all over the country. “We’ve told you what you can’t say. Now we’ll tell you what you must say!” And they start with having their hirees confess that they are “all [Yes–A-L-L] complicit in systems of oppression” blah-blah-blah. You had to sign it or you couldn’t have a job.

Why have we let our “educators” treat us with such contempt? But the solution to this problem is staring us right in the face: Take away the money. Here, just the threat of cutting off state aid got the commies to climb down.

I suspect we can get by very nicely with only 10% of the “higher education” that we have now. The remaining 90% can be thrown out with the tuna that went bad.

No ‘Commitment to Diversity’? No Job!

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What we’ll be when they get through with us

At Ohio State Looniversity, if you seek a job in computer engineering, architecture, or nuclear (!) engineering, you won’t be hired unless you submit a “diversity statement” that the looniversity finds acceptable (https://www.breitbart.com/education/2023/03/21/ohio-state-university-requires-diversity-statement-engineering-job-applicants/).

Oh, but that ain’t nothin’! At East Washington U., wherever that is, you’ve got to submit a Diversity Statement (yes, let’s use capital letters!) if you’re applying for one of the school’s “custodial positions.” You can’t even be a freakin’ janitor unless your politics is right!

In addition to your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, they also want you to “please provide specific examples” of your commitment to Far Left shibboleths. I wonder if they check to make sure you’re not lying. Stalin would have.

So… The electrical system shorts out and the whole place burns down… the computer system goes mad and makes all the money disappear… and there’s a slight cock-up on the nuclear engineering front and a mushroom cloud over Ohio… Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’re all right! We’ve got the Diversity Statements!

How is this even remotely permissible under the First Amendment? How is this not “compelled speech”? Where are the lawsuits, people? You need to bring this to a crashing halt!

Will we let these twerps devour our liberties? Will our own stupid colleges and looniversities do to us what the Wehrmacht and the Imperial Japanese Navy couldn’ do?

We really ought to be ashamed of tolerating this.

Too Much Despair Out There!

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Are the big guys bailing out on us?

Yesterday I encountered several opinion pieces whose message was “We give up, the bad guys win! Goodbye, America!” And then I read Victor Davis Hanson’s recent essay, “Anarchy, American Style” (https://amgreatness.com/2023/01/29/anarchy-american-style/).

Holy cow. Over the years I’ve respected Hanson as a commentator–but this is something else. Maybe he ought to be put on a suicide watch.

According to Hanson (and he’s not the only one who says so), Far Left Crazy now controls virtually everything… and has become The Establishment. Any meaningful opposition simply does not exist. (Ron DeSantis apparently doesn’t know this.)

Victor, Victor! Live up to your name! Is God not on His throne? Will He not judge our time? Is truth no longer truth? And do the odds really matter? Because the enemy is big and strong and wealthy, does that mean we do well to surrender? I should send you one of my T-shirts that reads, “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.”

I am a nobody. Not too small to step on and crush, but still pretty much a nobody. Does this woeful era of history discourage me? You bet it does. Does it give me a license to give up?

No. Never.

My wife asked me, “So what’s his solution? What does he say we should do?”

“He has nothing to say by way of a solution. Not even a ‘Stay tuned for Part II, “What to Do About it.”‘

We belong to a God who uses the weak to overthrow the mighty, foolish things to confound the wise, and things that are despised to cast down things that are esteemed [See 1 Corinthians Chapter 1]. As bad as things are, we His people have faced worse. Much worse. Two world wars kind of spring to mind.

If our leaders are going to lose heart and give up–well, ask God to give us new ones. He can raise them up at will.


First Amendment? What First Amendment?

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Not in California, baby!

If you can’t shut people up, the next best thing, maybe even the best thing, if you’re a dictator, is to compel them to say what you want them to say–or else. At the very least, you destroy their self-respect: makes it easier to control ’em.

And that brings us to California’s community colleges, where aspiring teachers are “required” (they love that word) to teach “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility,” and, of course, “anti-racism”–a euphemism for racism directed against white people (https://todaynationnews.com/california-schools-are-reviving-the-pledge-of-loyalty/).

“Faculty and staff shall (“shall” means “have to”) employ instructional practices and curriculum that reflect DEIA and anti-racism principles.” Oh! And they’ve also got to put “a social justice lens across all disciplines.”

See that? I found another public education outrage without having to look for it. Straight from the California Community College Administration. Every lesson in every subject is to be laced with Far Left Crazy dogma.

Is this blatantly unconstitutional? Or would you prefer “flagrantly”?

It’s “Red for Ed”! On steroids. And all on the taxpayers’ dime, too.

We are paying these people to assassinate our country.


‘Men Can’t Be Lesbians’? Jail for You!

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I wonder why more people don’t run screaming to the sidewalk, trying to escape this evil age.

So… In Denmark, a woman faces up to three years in prison (!!) for saying, and posting it on Twitter, that men cannot be lesbians (https://expose-news.com/2022/06/12/men-cannot-be-lesbians-thinkpol-investigates/). She also said that men cannot be mothers. (Horrified gasps)

This rates jail time? Really? Yeahbut, yeahbut! Some wacko of a tranny complained! Shouldn’t that automatically land you in solitary confinement–or do they only do that to you for trespassing?

Do we honestly want to live in a world where you can go to jail for stating the freakin’ obvious?

The people who are building this prison for us need to be stopped.

The Last Free Country Left on Earth

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Is the United States of America the last free country left on earth? Sometime it seems so.

Have you ever wondered why we have a First Amendment, and other countries don’t? This important piece of our law, the Constitution, guarantees us (in order) freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and petition the government for relief of our grievances. No other country has these guarantees.

Which doesn’t stop Democrats and other elements of Far Left Crazy from trying to take them away from us and either erase them altogether or else reserve these liberties to themselves alone. Hence a “Disinformation Governance Bureau,” “hate speech” rules, and all the rest. (Hint: It’s “fundamental transformation”!)

There are countries in the, ahem, “Free World” where I’d be silenced for the things I write. Tell me I’d be safe in Canada, the UK, or Australia. All of these countries had more freedom not that many years ago.

Our country’s founders had to have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. They hazarded their lives to win these freedoms, and so they could pass them on to their descendants. The leftids would replace these our natural rights with BS made-up pseudo-rights (unlimited abortion, LGBTQetc, transgender, illegal immigration, and on and on and on)–and above all, a supposed “right” to fornication.

There’s global government sniffing around, in search of vulnerabilities. Global government whose grand panjandrums think of most of us as “useless” or “worthless” people, fit only to be kept quiescent with drugs and video games.

We need our Spirit of ’76! Yes, we still need it after all these years; and always will.

Can They Force You to Say Things That Violate Your Conscience?

to put words in(to) someone's mouth

Colorado’s at it again, wiping out civil liberties because those are not as important as… “gay marriage.” This time the target is a web designer who says she can’t design wedding pages for same-sex faux “marriages”–even though she hasn’t yet actually designed any wedding pages (https://www.dailywire.com/news/supreme-court-agrees-to-hear-colorado-case-over-lgbt-discrimination-and-freedom-of-speech).

This is Colorado’s “Anti-Discrimination Act,” last heard from when these tinpot tyrants spent years trying to force a Christian baker to design cakes for same-sex parodies of weddings. What they want is the power to put words in your mouth: compelled speech. This is a pre-emptive strike against a citizen and her religious liberties.

If they can get away with that, then there is no First Amendment anymore. And where will they stop–with lions in the arena?

So this case is going to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we’ll see if the judges are at all serious about protecting our liberties.

P.S.–Well, that report left a bad taste in my mouth! I think when I get back from the store I’ll try try an Oy, Rodney episode. And then try to work on my book.