Facemask Nation

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I took Robbie to the vet today and was chided by a receptionist for not wearing my face mask all the way over my nose. “It’s the rules!” she said.

Several questions spring to mind.

*How long are we going to put up with this? Do I still live in America, or is this the Twilight Zone?

*If gyms are open at all, how long are we supposed to work up a sweat in the gym but not take a shower afterward?

*Are they going to ban Thanksgiving (as the governor of California has already done, to a degree)–and then Christmas?

*Who knew state governors had so much power over us? If any president ever tried to do to us the things done to us by governors, his head would wind up on a pole. Or would it?

*How–and when!–do we get our liberties back?

*Sheesh, all King George demanded of us was a stamp tax. Would today’s Americans have ever wound up casting off British rule and founding their own country?

*If COVID-19 really is as deadly as they say it is… how come rioters aren’t dropping like flies?

Answers, please! We’re waiting.

California Governor Bans Thanksgiving

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No full-family get-togethers. No uncles, aunts, or cousins. If you have a big family, some of your children have to stay away.

No dining indoors, and so what if it’s late November. No turkey on a platter: all food must be prepackaged in containers.

No singing allowed–unless you sing very softly, with the face mask over your mouth.

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2020 in California!

Gov. Gavin Noisome has thought up a whole passel of new “regulations” to load onto the people of his state (https://thefederalist.com/2020/10/20/california-just-declared-war-on-thanksgiving-with-kafka-level-regulations/)–“regulations” affecting just about everyone in California. Gee, they’ll need a lot of people ratting out their neighbors, to enforce them.

Who knew a mere governor had so much power? This reminds me of World War II movies set in occupied France, with the people suffering under an SS colonel who has absolute power over them. All our governors are missing is the firing squads.

But, see, COVID-19 is gonna kill you dead, wam, bam, on the spot, unless you obey each and every mandate your governor can think of. It’s gonna kill you personally. Not like Climbit Change, which kills everybody. This virus has a bullet with your name on it.

Except it’s OK to riot, the virus will let you do that. Naturally–it’s for Social Justice. Loot, burn, assault, and freak out all you like.

But don’t have the family over for Thanksgiving!

Well, that takes care of Thanksgiving in California. Next target, Christmas. If they can ban Christmas, they can ban anything.


Violence! (Against Face Masks)

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I couldn’t find a picture of any anti-face mask protest. Must be just too dreadful to see. Let the happy puppy take over.

Heard this on the radio the other day: Orthodox Jews in New York, angered by continual restrictions on their religious activities, have protested by setting fire to piles of face masks (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/orthodox-jewish-protesters-borough-park-brooklyn-coronavirus-cuomo-lockdown/). The, ahem!, nooze on the radio described it as “violence.”

These are the same noozies who call it “mostly peaceful protests” when Antifa and Only Black Lives Matter trash a city and beat people nearly to death.

The governor and mayor of New York, both Democrats, of course, wish to continue quarantining healthy people until there are no more Chinese Doomsday Virus cases. Given that that can’t ever possibly happen, we are entitled to believe they want to quarantine people forever.

The, um, “violence” consisted of people yelling at a “reporter,” calling him a snitch, and chasing him out of the area. Hardly like burning down half of Wisconsin, is it?

In times past you fought contagious illness by quarantining the people who had it. In 2020 the brilliant idea was to quarantine people who didn’t. Now we’ve had seven months of it and some of us don’t like it.

Look for mandates, quarantine, and restrictions to go on for at least several more years if Democrats win this election.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 1 (‘They’ve Just Got to Control Us’)

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What a role model for our time!

Someday our posterity, presuming we have won, will wonder why we didn’t kick up more of a fuss when utopian liberal tyrants took away our freedoms. What could we possibly say to defend ourselves?

They’ve Just Got to Control Us

Ooh-ooh, there’s germs in the environment! Face masks forever! No more public gatherings, except for riots–riots are always permitted.

The future is going to ask us, “You let yourselves by tyrannized by those morons–because of a germ?” And I don’t know how we’d answer that.

‘How Much Do They Want from Us?’ (2014)

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Six years later, with yet another Far Left vampire running for president (and the nooze media all assuring us he’s gonna win, might as well get with the program, blah-blah), we are still asking, “How much do they want from us? At what point will they have acquired enough power over us, enough control, to satisfy them?”

How Much Do They Want from Us?

I no longer believe that point can ever be reached. There is no point where liberals say, “Thanks, but I don’t want any more control over other people’s lives.” They never have enough. Even now, “Hidin’ with Biden” has promised to impose a coast-to-coast face mask Mandate on us all; and his handlers have promised us a Green New Deal.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote against freedom.