Prayer Request: Phoebe

I forgot to catch up on my email yesterday, so I missed Phoebe’s prayer request, until just now. I’m very sorry about that!

Our dear friend, sister in Christ, and esteemed colleague Phoebe needs our prayers: she’s fallen ill with a number of symptoms, all of them quite unpleasant. She’s had a rough time of it lately. I wish we could go to her and make her some soup.

Please, Lord, please! Now it’s your faithful servant Phoebe who’s sick and needs your help–please, Father, deliver her out of trouble! Please, Father, heal her. O Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on your servant, and heal her.

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

5 comments on “Prayer Request: Phoebe

  1. Thank you, Lee. I, too, wish I could have some home-made chicken soup. Anyone here know how to build a transporter to beam some over to me? For that matter, anyone here know how to make chicken soup? (Meant as a joke. I may be delirious.) 🙂

    As I said in the comments of another post, I’ve just now managed to stagger to my computer, but I won’t be around much otherwise. And rest assured that I’m using my illness as a prayer for everyone else here who’s suffering. But now the room is starting to tilt again, so I’ll have to go lie down again. God bless you.

  2. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. Even as I float around in the fever, I can feel your prayers and the arms of Jesus cradling me and holding me up. I pray for all of you, too. God bless you.

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