Alabama to Ban ‘Gender Change’ for Kids

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It wasn’t their fault they went extinct; but it’ll surely be ours, if we do.

I confess that I can’t begin to understand the Great Transgender Push as anything other than serious mental illness or Satanic intervention. And of course some of those expect to be rewarded with their 15 minutes of fame.

Meanwhile, the Alabama State Senate has voted 24-6 to ban puberty blockers, hormone treatments, or surgery (“to affirm their gender identification,” God help us) for anyone under the age of 18–with ten years in the slammer for any doctor who does it anyway ( I think we can expect it to pass the House and be signed into law.

Naturally, we get the whining wackos who want more transgender, not less. One alleged “parent” sez “vote no on this extremist bill before it kills someone.” Gasp! Ya mean, if kids can’t get their “sex change” treatment, they’re, like, gonna die??? Not getting puberty blockers or bits of your anatomy cut off–that’ll kill ya?

What happens if everybody does it?

The human race goes extinct.

Yeah, Satan’s into this. Big-time.

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  1. You are so right, Lee, about satan being in this whole mess. The push for more transgender emphasis is becoming so strong. I suspect a lot of this six-banded rainbow tidal wave is encouraged through Tik Tok, YouTube, and other social media. It’s the Latest Thing and everyone seems to want a piece of the action. Transgenderism is a train wreck happening right in the midst of our young people and it’s treated like it’s nothing more than some new and wild fashion fad. But unlike wearing droopy pants or untied dirty sneakers or bangs way down past your nose (which could cause some accidents) transgenderism is disfiguring the image of God in human beings and it can be deadly. Satan is laughing at the homosexual and transgender community because it hurts God, our Creator.

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