Too Much Imbecility

“We’re not ordinary people. We’re morons!”   –Curly

It was funny when the Three Stooges did it. Hilarious. But it’s not so funny, in real life, to be trapped in a swarm of babbling nincompoops.

With a straight face, not kidding at all, not a glimmer of awareness, people actually say things like “Latinx,” “cisgender,” “check your privilege,” and anything else that addled academics invented ten days ago.

We’ve seen this before. For instance, now Kiev is being pronounced “Keeve,” ’cause that’s how they say it on the nooze. Remember when Niger became “Knee-zhaire,” and Qatar became “Gutter”? “Hot dog! So that’s how you say it!” They heard it on TV so it must be right.

If it’s that important to be current with what the talking heads are saying on the air, why even bother to draw breath? You don’t really exist–you’re just a reflection of some aspect of popular culture, inhabiting a body.

This is not what God intended for us.

But then, as the Bible makes abundantly clear (Psalm 115:8), those who worship idols made of wood and stone… become like them. Thoughtless, senseless, lifeless.

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