‘NY Times: Teens Not Having Sex Is “Anti-Science”‘ (2018)

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Noozies are bedazzled to learn that regular people despise them. Well, look what they do to words! Like, now it’s “anti-science” for 15-year-olds NOT to be sexually active.

“Anti-science”? What does that even mean? Do these people have to train to be such idiots?

New York Times: Teens Not Having Sex Is ‘Anti-Science’

I don’t think I know what “science” is anymore. It certainly isn’t the unbiased observation and study of the natural world. It seems to have degenerated into a catch-all term for whatever Far Left Crazy wants it to mean on any given day.

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  1. These people are proving what they are made of. Sexual activity is not without cost. There is the possibility of pregnancy and in these promiscuous times there is the threat of disease transmission, including HPV, which can lead to cancers and is exceptionally common. The birth control pill changed attitudes about sex dramatically. Suite suddenly, starting about 60 years ago, a lot of people began to mentally separate sex from reproduction. I’m not speaking out against birth control and fully understand why people want to limit the number of children they have, but to mentally separate sex from reproduction is unique in human history.

    Coming from the standpoint of a Christian; mankind was created as we were deliberately. Our Maker made designed our reproduction as He did, and that represents His will for us. He also would have known that His design would have sociological implications for mankind. From the beginning of human history, He created us to be monogamous and for couples to work together in raising their offspring. There’s a powerful effect to all of this, with sexual desire playing a role in forging the bonds that are the anchor of the nuclear family. Sadly, this is lost upon many in our day, and we see the results all around us.

    A close friend of mine was talking about the challenges of marriage, recently, and said something profound. He felt that one reason marriages are falling apart and that for many people, life has become a string of marriages, is that many people today have had numerous partners. It strikes me that he is onto something, because when a person has numerous partners, so-called serial monogamy, the uniqueness of the bond is irretrievably lost. When there is conflict in a marriage, at least some people just move on to a new partner and because sex outside of marriage is the norm, they have little motive to stick it out and make it work. Bluntly stated, a person can split up with their spouse and have a new sexual partner immediately, in today’s social climate. The sexual liberty of our day has had profound sociological implications.

    If this is the moral environment that adults live in, it’s pretty difficult to impose any moral restraint on teens, and having been a teen myself, I know that sexual desires run very high at that age. Looking back, on my life, it was quite a time. Suddenly, girls got a lot more interesting and in the era of short skirts and skin-tight blue jeans a young man could find himself surrounded by young women whom were going out of their way to attract the attention of young men. Even in the relatively tame environment I grew up in, there were temptations, but I was equipped to deal with this, because my parents had taught me the moral standards of the Bible and made clearly known their expectations.

    So I understand why teens are so inclined and I have compassion for their situation, but sadly, in our world of today, these desires come along well before someone is ready to be self sufficient and to be capable of providing for themselves, a spouse and a family. While I don’t recall the verse, I seem to recall reading a passage in other Proverbs or Ecclesiastes about getting your land and your home in order before taking a wife. (I could be conflating memories, so I’m not 100% sure that this verse exists.) I know that Proverbs 24:27 states: “ Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.” So the idea here is planning and a logical development of one’s personal economy, which probably means not rushing into an early marriage. This is not easy, but it is possible.

    If I could wish anything for youth, it would be that they have opportunities for a good life and that they quickly gain wisdom so that they can make good decisions. As important as sex may be, there are much higher priorities in life.

    1. As in the days of Noah, so it shall be …

      We are seeing some awful things happening, in all quarters. Morality is waning, while violence and indecency are rising.

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