‘Hey, We Try’ (2018)

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It’s so hard to teach Critical Race Theory to an empty classroom!

When people stubbornly refuse to believe self-evident truths–as plain as the nose on your face–trying to convince them can be frustrating. It could drive you mad.

For years without end, critics of public education ran into the brick wall of sheer disbelief. I think it was purposeful. People didn’t want to believe. Because then they would’ve had to do something about it… and no one knew what.

Hey, We Try

But then along came King COVID and shut down the schools, and kids had to be “taught” remotely, via computer. For the first time ever, parents actually saw and heard what their kids were being taught–down with America, white people are evil, communism is good, get sexually involved as soon as you possibly can, etc., etc.

So now they had to believe; and so far the result is four times as many homeschooling families this year as there have ever been in any year.

To save our republic, we have to empty out the public schools. Unless we do that, nothing else we do will make any difference.

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  1. It has been said by more than a few… the institutions have been invaded. Brainwash the young and goals will be achieved in the long game (paraphrased, but it is what it is). Not all goals are clear, but things point to a general direction. Glad you iterated that it’s our republic. Democracy is in a certain sense, is mob rule (witch hunts were mob rule too), and not of checks and balances.

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