Get Your Pet to Eat Bugs! (To Save The Planet!)

Do bug-eating cats bite off more than they can chew? - Dr. Marty Becker

Mmm-mmm! I just had a live cicada!

I really don’t know how our civilization can be kept functioning from day to day, with so many flaming idiots running around loose.

The U.N. & Co. are always trying to get us plebs to eat bugs, so Kerry and Pelosi and Obama can laugh at us. But they can never quite make the sale, so now they’ve decided to approach it from another angle.

They want us to feed our pets on bugs ( Here are some quotes from Chock-Full-O’-Crap News, or whatever they call it.

“Owners worried about the climate cost [?] of traditional pet food are switching to crickets, mealworms, and black soldier flies…”

“A lifestyle choice to help tackle climate breakdown”

“Vegan diets [for cats and dogs???], for sustainability reasons…”

Stop, stop, I can’t stand any more! Waddaya wanna know? Launch codes? Troop movements? I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you everything–just make it stop! Aaaaargh!

None of my cats was ever bashful about pouncing on a bug and eating it. Really, they don’t need any encouragement: in fact, sometimes the results are quite disgusting (Buster and those great big nursery web spiders–ugh!).

I don’t know anybody who serves his cats a nice heaping bowl of soldier fly larvae. But then I don’t spend much time with NPR listeners.

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  1. My red Persian cat, Pooh (next-to-last cat before Iggy) used to eat crickets. But then again, Pooh would eat anything that didn’t eat him first. We used to talk about renting him out as a garbage disposal unit. But I digress….

    People who have tried to put their cats on vegan diets have found themselves with very sick — or dead — cats. Feline teeth and digestive systems are made for a carnivorous diet, although in the wild they may get some vegetation in their prey’s stomach contents.

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