Its Womxn’s Hisstry Munth!!!!

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Boy dose collidge maik yiu Smart!!!!

Jist thinck!! Awl “over” The contry our Grate collidges “and” Yoonavarcitys thay “are” cellarbrayting Womxns Hisstry Munth!!!! Yiu whil “knotise” ( wee “are nhow” riting WOMXn insted Of “wimmin” andd That “is” ownle The beginnning!!! Sea how eazy we gotted ridd of MEN and MAN!!!! sumnb tymes I feeel so Smart,, i cood jist “kiss” My selph Awl over!!!!

Sune we whil Get ridd “Of” ALL Racist and Secksist and Abelist wurds “and” langwidge!!! Our Stoodint Soviet wee “are” all-reddy wurking On “it”!”!” Frinstints, heer is waht the Preemble of the Consatoosion it whil “look” lyke wen we finnish whith It!:

“Wx txe pssxll Oz mb%$r vv7^% phnglui Cthulhu fhtagn &$%@ ugg zmxtl yog-sothoth” and Sew-On!!! This heer It “is” haow yiu Doo Aweiy whith Sistemick Racism!!!!!!!!!!

Ammarica it kneeds Moar Collidge!!!!!!

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