Baybys Thay Has Got ‘To’ Go To Collidge Tooo!!!!!

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We has got a trooly exiting projjict foar “the” Stoodint Soviet nhow!!!

We jist figgured Out “that” Baybys and Twoddelers thay doughnt “go” to Collidge!!! This heer It Is Unconchable!!!!!!!

So we “are” goingto Bring Baybys and reely liddle Kids heeer to Collidge and maik themb Smart lyke us!!!!! Eech of us on “the” Spatial Chilldrin’s Eddication Projjict we wil by Big Sibblings to theeze kidds and teech “themb” Awl Abuot Sexchual Floowid and Sistembic Racism and Proatest and waht a Stinkin Countree Amairica it Is!!!!!! We whil taik themb “to” Class whith us hellp themb See how stopid “thare” Pairints “are”!”!!

Imadgine Haow smart “theeze” kidds thay “willl Be” iff thay spend lyke ayteen ((18)) oar twenny ((20)) oar moar Yeers in Collidge!!!!!! Haow Grate is that??!? Thay whil eevin Do Play-Doh whith us!!! And wen a Kid ze is fyve ((5)) Yeers Oald thenn thay Can “deeclair” thare Mayjer!!!!!!

We “can” “do” Thiss becose Jobydin he sayze he whil get us “Owt” of hasing to Pay enny “tuission” fromb nhow on!!!!!!

‘Fracturing Fairy Tales’ (2018)

Little Red Riding Hood - Wikipedia

Little Red Riding Hood–forbidden! Depicts carnivorous animals as being predators!

Among the more depressing findings of various frivolous “studies” in recent years, we have a report of parents changing fairy tales to make them more P.C.

Fracturing Fairy Tales

Don’t ask who paid for this study. It involved 2,000 parents reading fairy tales to their children. About a quarter of them changed the stories as they read them. Betcha every single one of those went to college. College makes you stupid. You start taking fairy tales literally.

But why not? What else do we get from our government, or nooze media, or our “educators”… but fairy tales? Can you say “Man-made Climate Change”?


‘Test Your College Grads’ (2018)

50 Hilarious Times Students Took Stupidity To The Another Level | Bored  Panda

If you can corner ’em before they rush out to demonstrate the inhumanity of not doing abortions, you might want to try this little true-false quiz on today’s college graduates to see how much they know.

Test Your College Grads

Administering the test can be tricky. Remember, we’re testing for “education,” not knowledge. So the more answers you have wrong, the more highly “educated” you obviously are.

‘Rutgers Prof: “White People Own Time”‘ (2019)

The Persistence of Memory - Wikipedia

Good Lord, I actually went to this so-called university! And worked jobs I hated, to pay for it. What was I thinking?

Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey–where young minds go to die… poisoned by stuff like this.

Rutgers Prof: ‘White People Own Time’

If anybody talked like this about “black” or “brown” people, he’d be buried in an avalanche of hurt. But the looniversities spew hatred of white people every day of the year, and all they get is more and more and more of our money. (The Rutgers football coach is the highest-paid public employee in New Jersey. Sweet!)

Pray and work, work and pray, for an end to all this wicked foolishness.

College Forced to Pay Prof $400G to Settle Lawsuit

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He feels pretty, oh so pretty…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Another collegiate experiment in compelled speech has come up snake-eyes.

When a philosophy professor at Shawnee State (Ohio) refused to address a male student using female pronouns–for the simple reason that the jerk isn’t a female, and it went against the prof’s religious convictions to pretend that a man is a woman–the looniversity issued him a “written warning” that promised dire consequences if he didn’t get his mind right in a hurry (

The prof took them to court, resulting in an agreement by the school to pay him $400,000 in damages.

Have they learned their lesson? Do they now understand that this is America, not the old Soviet Union?

Don’t bet on it. Respecting rights of conscience isn’t in their DNA. And college makes you both dishonest and stupid.

No Moar “‘Troo Or Fawlse'”” Qwizzes!!!!

True or False for Android

I doughnt knoiw haow This here jobb it taked So “long” to do!!!! Finely affter “awl theez yeers” we who “Are” “the” Stodent Soviet we gotted “the” Collidge to abrollish Troo-Fawlse qwizzes!!!!!

Theez hear thay Whir stopid qwizzes!!!!!!!!!! Like waht cood “be” stopider thann saying Somb thing it “is” Troo wen it izznt Troo foar Evry Boddy??? And iff yiu “szay” Somb thing “it” “Is” Fawlse thenn That is Trigguring and foar Shure a Micro Grecian!!!!

Frinstints!! Hear is A Stopid Troo Oar Fawlse qwesschin!! “”Jumboe Shrimps thay Are “not” reely Ellerfints”!”! It is Racist!! And waht abuot Shrimps that “are” Trans-Isshinning into Ellerfints?? To Say Somb thing it “is” Troo oar Fawlse it “is” ownly a fourm “Of” Wite Stuprembassy!!!!

The Trooth is “that” Nothhing is Troo and notthing is Fawlse unlest yiu “say” it “is”!”!” Thare is no sutch Thing as fackeds and that Is A Facked!!!!! And waht abuote stuph That is “Troo” ownly wen it is Fawlse???? Haha i reely gotted yiu “thare”!! Yiu cannt anster That One caan yiu????

This hear it “is” waht Us Interllecturals we Do besst!!!!!!

Nhow We Can Lexture Our Selfs!!!!

How to Make a Hand Puppet With a Marker

One “thing that” maiks Collidge so Grate it “is” the Reely Smart idears that comes Out “of” it!!!!

Frinstints! Thare arent nevver enuugh lexturers to Go Araound!!!! Waht “do yiu” do wen yiu kneed a lexture “and thair” aint no lexturer annyware?? Not eevin “in” The Brooom Clozit!!!! I meen dam, yiu doaughnt whant to lissen “to” no lexture fromb the stopid Janniter, rihght??

But nhow The Stoden Soviet we has finded the Auntser to “the” promble!!!!!! In facked sumb boddy thay seen it “On” TV!!

All yiu has got “to” “do” is taik somb Krayons or lipp Stick or Magick Marcker (i doughnt thinck its reel Magick but mayby it is!), and drawer A Faice “on” yore Hand!!!!! then yiu jist moove yore Thum and maik a voyce and Yore Hand it tawks to yiu And “it can” give yiu A Lexture!!!!!!

One of the prefessers ze cumplaned “That” if we all goingto leckxture our selfs then wye do we kneed prefessers??? That “was” a Racist mikro grecian so we pushed his Car into “the” Pond!!!!! ennyboddy whoo crypticizes The Stodent Soviet thay Are a enema Of “the” Peeple!!!

Nhow awl i has to “do” is figgre Out sumbthing foar “My” Hand to Lexture me abuot!!!!!!

Its Womxn’s Hisstry Munth!!!!

51 Gibberish Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Boy dose collidge maik yiu Smart!!!!

Jist thinck!! Awl “over” The contry our Grate collidges “and” Yoonavarcitys thay “are” cellarbrayting Womxns Hisstry Munth!!!! Yiu whil “knotise” ( wee “are nhow” riting WOMXn insted Of “wimmin” andd That “is” ownle The beginnning!!! Sea how eazy we gotted ridd of MEN and MAN!!!! sumnb tymes I feeel so Smart,, i cood jist “kiss” My selph Awl over!!!!

Sune we whil Get ridd “Of” ALL Racist and Secksist and Abelist wurds “and” langwidge!!! Our Stoodint Soviet wee “are” all-reddy wurking On “it”!”!” Frinstints, heer is waht the Preemble of the Consatoosion it whil “look” lyke wen we finnish whith It!:

“Wx txe pssxll Oz mb%$r vv7^% phnglui Cthulhu fhtagn &$%@ ugg zmxtl yog-sothoth” and Sew-On!!! This heer It “is” haow yiu Doo Aweiy whith Sistemick Racism!!!!!!!!!!

Ammarica it kneeds Moar Collidge!!!!!!

We Sended ‘A’ Leter To Jobydin!!!

14 hilariously honest notes written by children

We Stoodint Soviet has wroted “A” leter To Pressadint Jobydin!!! That thare leter Up Thare it is not “the” one we sented “to” “The” Wite Hause,, i doughnt know “waht” it is dooing Up Thare!!!! But it doughnt mater! Jobydin he wil Give It “to” the Toooth Fary neckst time “he” seize her!!!!

We writed to congrajerlate himb for beeing Abel to maik a new Supreem Corte Jutstus and it wil Be a Blackk Wimmyn!!!!!!!!!! But we aslo whant to Cheeer himb on to “go” sevril steppes Farthor!!!

In adicion to Beeing a Black Wimmin,, the New Jutstus she shood aslo be a Trans Wimmin whoo Is “heer” illeagly and aslo Dis-abbled and she doughnt Speke Inglish!!!!! It is Impotent to get “as” menny Cattagorys as yiu Can “into” one parson!!!!!! Becoause thares Ownly ate (8) jujjes and Evry “Mynoritty” “t”hay mussed “be” reprezenttid”!”!”

Woodint “it be” Grate iff thare was All Mynorittys up thare and aslo evvry ware Ellse?? Nothing butt Mynorittys??? Us Interllecturals we “can” maik Shure thay sickseed In “evvry-Thing” thay doo!!!!!!!

Hapy New Yeerd!!!!!!

9,328 Building On Fire Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Trotsky Hall, after we made some miss-steaks “whith” the In-door Fire-Whorks. It woont hapen aggen!

Woo, hoo, to-moroh It “is” Noo Yeerd’s Eave!!! It is goingto “be” the Yeerd 2020!!!!

Sumbtimes It “is” so coaled on Noo Yeerd’s,, it “Is” jist too coaled to Stand Out-Side so that is wye we has Indor Fire-Works. We did bern down Trotsky Hall too yeards agoa, but that was Toe-Tal an axxddint!!!!! We has lernt Not “To” ame the skyrockits At “the” ceeling and aslo themb rockits “That” bownced Off “the” whindoes!!!! I liked aming The Rockits at the sealing, Yiu coodnit Miss!!!

Sumb Hayter he sayed Yiu “Are Stopid, Joe!!! Doughnt yiu know it’s 2022? “Yiu” Are going “backwords”!!”He is jist a Biggit and “the” Divercity Skwadd they beet himb up!!

And jist to maik shure No One Elss saz Hatful things, we hased a mergency meating of the Stoodint Soviet and we voated to make the New Yeard 2020!!!! Awl themb numbers thay “are” ownly Soassiule Construcks anyhow!!”!

And Enny Boddy who gose A Roaund saying its 2022, thay “are” goingto has a Sirius Promble!!!!!!!!