Our Criptical Drag Kween Shortidge!!!

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“Take” a goood loook at this hear em-tee Class Roomb!!! This is waht hapens wen yiu has Got “a” Drag Kween Stoary Hoar and no Drag Kween showes Up!!!!

And Wye, yiu deemanned, wasnt There “no” Drag Kween???

Becawse thare “issnt enuough” Drag Kweens to go araound!!!! Becawse thay’se all gawn To alimentary skools and loacle Liebaries!!!!! And “thare” aint enuough Lefft to has Drag Kween Stoary Hoar heer “at” Collidge!!!!!!

Our hole contry it has got “a” Drag Kween shoartidge!!! And I doant Cair “waht” yiu Say,, us stoodints heer At Collidge we “dezerv” our Drag Kween Storie Hower tooo!!!!! Iff we didd, that thare Class Roomb it wood “be” full!!

Wye dint “the” Guvvermint provyde Moar Drag Kweens?? (Sumb Boddy sed thay shiped a lott “Of” themb to Youkrane butt i doughnt beleave It!) Haow cood This “shortidge” Ockur??? O shur,, the dee-mand it “is” Very Hi!@! Butt iff we caint fyned enuough Drag Kweens to mete “The” dee-mand,, waht dose That “say” abuout Amairicka?? Eh???

We nead The Guvvermint “to” sine Up moar Drag Kweens!!! Prinnt sumb moar Munny and pay themb to go to awl The collidges!!!!!!

‘Revamp Education to Stop the Cultural Rot’

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There are still some people in the education system who know it is an “abject failure.” Professor Nicholas Giordano is one of them.


There are still some sane men and women who have not yet been chased out of the education business. They understand: “education” in America is more than just a failure; it’s a threat to our country’s future.

The schools’ “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice” agenda must be uprooted and abandoned, Dr. Giordano says, and the people who imposed it on the taxpayers must be fired, their programs defunded. How you do that when they all have tenure, I don’t know. School choice has to be a big part of any reform, Dr. Giordano says. I’d go farther: we need more homeschooling.

Meanwhile, our colleges and universities are eye-ball deep in terrorist-loving, Christian-hating, Jew-hating, America-hating, ignorant, radicalized, unemployable puppets, fit only to riot whenever Far Left Crazy tells them to.

We need educated citizens; not Useful Idiots who are never more than a wink away from being useless.

Wye We ‘Nead’ Two (2) Dickshinairies!!

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We hadded a Brillyint lexture tooday “in” Nothing Studdies!”!” It “was” awl abuot Incollusion!!!

Trye “to” unnerstand this “heer” Poynt,, it “is” Very suttle!!!! Waht Is “the” diffrints betwean Incollusion “and” Excollusion??

Incollusion is wen we Do it,, and Excollusion is wen thay do it!!!! Wen we Do it, that Is Socile Jutstus! Wen thay doo it, that is Hait!!!! and aslo Racism! This gits conphusing!!

That it is wye we nead Two dickshinairies-(-one foar us Good Peeple and “The” other for awl themb Biggits out thare!!!!!! Otherwyes a dickshinairy it wood Be Too Big and reel hard “to” Carry aruound!!!! And besydes noboddy butt “a” Racist wood whant the Racist dickshinairy!!!! And We sirtinly doughnt whant enny “of” thayr Hatful wirds in our dickshinairy!!!!!!

Ownly by geting Ridd of no-good stinkin biggits, Ownly be excolluding themb, will we evver has incollusion!!!!!!!!!!

See haow Suttle that is?? Yiu has to Be “in” collidge a Long Tyme befoar yiu Are smart enuough To unnderstan It!!!!!!

‘More College Crapola’ (2017)

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I’m almost tempted to make a contest of this: see who can trot out the best “reason,” or any reason at all, for the university campaign to make collidge stoodints hate America.

More College Crapola

Really–what is the point of that? We are obviously not the most oppressive no-good stinkin’ country in the world. Only good countries are lumbered with illegal immigration. You don’t see mobs of people trying to break into North Korea, do you?

And why in the world does anyone believe those teachings?

I have grave fears for the future of any civilization built on lies and ignorance.

We Nead ‘A’ Weeed Man Date!!!!!

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Yiu whant “to” know watts Wrawng whith Amairicka? I whil tel yiu!!!

We doughnt smoak Enuff wead!!! And wye Is “that,, yiu assk”?”?” Becawse we hasntt got “no Man Date” to maik “it” Cumpulssary!!!!

Us at the Stoodint Soviet we “are” riting A Leter “to” Pressadint Jobydin dee-manding himb to maik it a Executrive Odor and a Man Date “that fromb” Nhow On evvry boddy thay has to smoak Marrawanna evvry Day!!!!!

This heer it whil mayk the hole Contry mutch moar Mello!!!!!! Are yiu wurryed abuot Darnold Trumpt tayking oaver agin??? Well ha ha ha!!!!!!! Iff evvry boddy smoaks Moar Wead, thay woont evin Re-membber whoo “he” Is!!!!  And it woont mater that evvry boddy thay Are Stoaned awl “the” tyme and cant Think “of Nothing!”!” We has Arta Fisshil Intelerginse A,I! to doo awl “the thincking” foar Us!!!!!!! That whil alouw us to rite Cowboy Pottery and Play viddio gaimes and get Ginder Affurming Cair as mutch “as” we whant!!!!!!!!!

Nhow “it” mite Be Nessasairy to Maik peple smoak Pott but its fore thare Own Goood and anyhaow No boddy has a Rite “not to obay” the Man Date!!!

And dought whurry abuot Cost!!!! The U-N it whil alyaws help us Pay “fore” It!!!!

‘Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?’ (2017)

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Have they ever known what they were talking about?

When I was in college, “Berkeley” and “free speech” were synonymous. Boy, how that’s changed!

Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?

Democrats, liberals, radicals, commies–all the same thing, really–believe in free speech fore themselves–as long as it conforms 100% to The Party’s ideology–and shut the hell up or else for the rest of the human race.

If we can keep our civil liberties, it’ll be no thanks to them.

[Back from the eye doctor, sorry for the delay. He dilated my eyes so I can’t see what I’m typing. Please take that into account.]

Hillery She ‘Is’ A Preffesser Nhow!!!!!


Doughnt mess whith Her!!!

I did not know this! Hillery, she is a Preffesser “at” Columbo Younavarsity!! Butt thats Not “awll!”!”

Wood yiu beleeve It??? She was “giving a” lexture, she Is “the” Smartist Wimmin in “the” whorld–and a hole buntch Of stoodints “thay” walkked Out “on” her!!!!

This heer “it Is” insterrecxion,, It is Treezin!!!!!! Themb stoodints thay shood Awl “be” “in” Jale!!! Like fourevver!!!!

Nhow Jobydin he Is dooing a phantatstic Jobb “as” pressadint butt he Cant doo It aloan!! It is tyme we changed The Consatusion back To waht “it Was” wen she Was Coe Pressadint!!!!! And Borat Obumma he shood “be” maid Pressadint of Pressadints!! Whith themb Three in charj,, our Couontry it whil fynelly Be Grate!!!!!!!

I cant Tell yiu waht her Lexture it “was awl” abuot,, it whent Way “oaver” my Hedd!!!!! Thats haow Smart Hillery she is!@!! Ordrinary peple thay Are jist “tooo” Dum to undder stand her!!!!

Our Stodent Soviet we Are draphting A Letter “to” Hillery aksing her To Be Coe Pressadint aggin!!!!!!!


Now You Can’t Say… ‘Picnic’?

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Even our law schools are crap anymore.

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas law school has apologized for using the word “picnic” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/unlv-law-school-apologizes-for-using-word-picnic-changes-it-to-lunch-by-the-lake/)! Nope, you can’t say “picnic” anymore. You have to say “lunch by the lake.”

Why can’t you say picnic?

Oh, you shouldn’t need to be told! For “diversity and inclusion concerns,” of course!

God help us, these students, transformed into full-fledged idiots, will someday be judges and prosecutors.

Why do we keep funding “higher education”? Why do we keep sending our daughters and sons to what can only be described as centers for applied stupidity? What’s wrong with us? You’d think we’d stop.

I cannot explain why we don’t stop. God only knows how far this can go. Wouldn’t it be cool if Far Left Crazy made life itself impossible?

We ‘Are’ Maiking Pogres!!!

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Nhow weer’e geting Sumbware!!!!

A big impotent Pole says Haff! the peple in The Party “thinck” thare “is” whey Too Mutch Freedum “going” arownd And “the” guvvermint thay shood (and “I” kwote!) “regrulate And restrick the expretion Of Views considderd Discrimbatory oar ofenssive”” and jist Put a Lidd On “It”!”!”

Heer at Collidge us in “the” Stodent Soviet we has volunteerd to Set Up “a” Speach Cort!!! and enny boddy who Says oar Rites ejectionable Things thay “wil” be Punnishd!!!!!!

No-boddy has no rite To Say Rawng Things!!!!!!! Thare shood awght To Be Speach Corts evvryware! And camras and mikerowe-foans to Wach “and Lissin”!

Nhow “of coarse” The Guvermint whil de-side “waht” Speach it is ofennsive “and” waht Issnt!!!!!! Whaitll Miss Infomasion gets Slaped Down!!!! She woont Know waht “hit” hur!!!

And yiu whil awl See waht A “Grate Contry” thist whil Be wen no-boddy but us thay Are aloud “to” say Things!!!!!!! No Moar Too Mutch Freedum!!!!!!!!

Wy Woont Thay Lissin ‘To’ Hillery???

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Hear “at the” Stoodint Soviet we Are M-A-D! at Jobydin foar Not “dooing” waht Hillery she says!!!! Doughnt he know she Is “the” Smarttist Wimmin “in The” whirld??

So natcherly becose he doughnt Taik “goood advyce” he nevver Yet “got” startid rownding Up awl themb MAGMA biggits and Haters and Racists who Are “tryingto” reck Our Dimmocrassy!!!!!! Lyke Hillery she sayed, thay has got “To Be” lockt Up and dee-pogromed!!!! Becose it is agginst The Law to has themb kynd Of thawts!!!!!

Yes, I amb tawking Abuot Brane Warshing!!!! Thare, Ive sayed It!! Wen sumb Thing it is durty,, yiu got to warsh it!!!!! and awl themb peple thaive Got durty Branes!!!!!! This here it is wye I warsh my Undies at leest oncet A Yeer!! Immajin haow turrable It wood “Be” iff yiu has a hedd-full of durty Undies!!!!! Whell “thats” waht its lyke ToBe MaGMA!!!! Thayr hedds Are Full “of” Darnold Trumpt’s duirty Undies!!!!!!

Freedum Of Speach it doz Not allouw yiu To say MAGMA things!!! Ownly rite Things!!!! That is waht Freedum it reely meens!!!!!

So comb On, Jo, get “on” the Stick!!! Rownd Up all themb MAgMa peple!!!!! and warsh thare Branes!!!!!!!!!! Oar elss yiu whill “be” heering fromb us!!!