Snippets of Nooze


I had a nice long talk on the phone today with my sister, Alice, in which we gave the nooze of the week a good and proper cussing. We were both the better for it.

But I don’t feel like doing much reporting today, so let me just mention two nooze items in passing. You can find them elsewhere (he said in a flash of wild optimism, momentarily forgetting media hypocrisy and Big Tech censorship).

*The Rochester, Michigan, public school administration has taken some heat–but not enough–for spying on parents’ social media activity and then running to complain to the parents’ employers. They succeeded in getting one mother fired from her job. Who do these crawling squid think they are?

*The “Stop WOKE Act” has passed the Florida Assembly and is expected soon to pass the Senate, too. The intent of the bill is to stop the use of the schools as Far Left indoctrination factories. Democrats are screaming bloody murder. They are convinced that they’re the only ones covered by the First Amendment.

And that’s all the nooze I can bring myself to cover today.

Please continue to pray for Peep, our cat.

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  1. The Dems use their partners in Big Tech to censor the “misinformation” for them while they can grow about being First Amendment ambassadors – this is called HYPOCRACY. Christians must get involved at the local level. The church is called to guard the gates of the city – how come they don’t know that? We need a great Awakening or country is lost.

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