Mr. Nature: The Giant Dragonfly

Meganeura, a hawk-sized relative of modern dragonflies that lived during  the Carboniferous : r/Naturewasmetal

Jambo, Mr. Nature here–with a dragonfly that has a two-foot wingspan. Sometimes a little more.

Meganeura is prehistoric, so don’t worry about one flying into your car while you’re driving on the highway. Once upon a time, some insects grew to spectacular size (although not to the degree celebrated in assorted 1950s monster movies). Scientists think it was possible for them to grow so large because there was more oxygen in the air then than there is today. Mixing the air is God’s prerogative.

Dragonflies, totally harmless to humans, eat mosquitoes. As far as I’m concerned, we can never have too many dragonflies.

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  1. The fossil record could be interpreted as showing a pre-Flood world where the atmosphere was much richer than it is now. We have little biblical information about the details of pre-Flood life, but it was obviously different than it is now. There is much that we will learn after the return of Christ.

  2. The Dragonflies were so large, for they needed to be, to eat the huge mosquitoes that inhabited the pre-flood world. And most of the animal life had to be larger, or they would have been drained dry of blood, by those huge mosquitoes.

    “Many of the largest creatures to ever live are now extinct. The earth is now bereft of many of the most impressive beasts that once flew the skies, swam the seas, and prowled this planet. Professor Wallace was quite correct when he stated: “It is quite clear, therefore, that we live in a zoologically impoverished world, from which all the hugest and fiercest and strangest forms have disappeared.”” — “Reindeer Don’t Fly”

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