‘Pope Slams “Evil Populism”‘ (2017)

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There have been bad popes before. Francis I, the Red Pope, is among them.

Now, why would a pope go to the trouble of publicly slamming populism as “evil”? Like it was the only evil thing he could think of, offhand?

Pope Slams ‘Evil Populism’

Well, he wants a global government–and a global church, with himself and his pals at the top of the pyramid. Anything that gets in their way is… “evil.”

The only person with the right to rule the world is Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Globalists are nothing but usurpers.

Note: Half my family is Catholic, so I do know that there have been good popes and even saintly ones. This guy Francis isn’t one of them.

5 comments on “‘Pope Slams “Evil Populism”‘ (2017)

  1. I would say that this Pope is an embarrassment to faithful Catholics, but “embarrassment” is too mild a word. He’s actually persecuting faithful Catholics now, turning all the Chinese Catholics over to Communist Party hacks, closing down orthodox religious orders, and trying to outlaw traditional forms of the Mass.

  2. This pope is very un-Catholic-like. I’m not Catholic but had been one growing up and I remember how everyone in the Catholic Church hung on every word coming from the current pope like it was right from the mouth of God. I don’t know how many Catholics are blindly following this guy but it’s sad that this one had been voted in. He’s no Pope John Paul II.

  3. I can’t stand this pope – give John Paul II any day. A Christian is someone who witnesses to their faith in the Living Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. If someone claims to be a Christian and does not give witness to his/her faith in Christ is no Christian.

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