Pope Slams ‘Evil Populism’

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Okay, so now the Red Pope has declared, “Populism is evil” ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/03/09/pope-slams-rise-evil-populism-western-democracies/ ). I guess that means he’s mad at those of us who don’t cotton to his cherished schemes for world government, and using mass immigration to make nation-states non-functional–so they can all be scrapped in favor of one big gigantic government in charge of everything.

He must have read his Dante. Dante was big on having just one church, run by the Pope, and one Empire, run by the Holy Roman Emperor.

The Red Pope made his remarks in an interview given to a German newspaper. Germany seems to be first on the list to be wiped out as a country. “Populism” is bad because people are bad for trying to preserve their countries.

Is this guy going to leave any stone unturned in his quest for a world state? Not if he can help it.

To the extent that populism opposes and sometimes even thwarts the plans of world statists, populism is good.

There is only one ruler whose right it is to rule the world, and that Person is Jesus Christ the Son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

You’d think a pope would know that.

5 comments on “Pope Slams ‘Evil Populism’

  1. I don’t think that this pope could find his buttocks with both hands tied behind his back. If anyone believes that the pope is directly appointed by God, this guy might cause them to question their conclusions. And maybe that’s the point.

    The extremes of Islam are having a side effect that Islamic leaders probably hadn’t anticipated; Muslims are leaving the faith in droves, fed up with what they see happening in the name of Islam. There are significant numbers of Christians operating underground in these places, some claiming to have had dreams inviting them to become Christians, which spurred on their conversion. The abuses of radical Islam are turning people towards Christ.

    Perhaps the abuses and corruption of the Catholic Church will have the same effect upon honest hearted Catholics, helping to place their trust, not in a human pope, but in the One Living and True God.

    FWIW, much of my zeal comes from seeing that God can work in our life and that we can worship Him without the intermediary of a church hierarchy. I learned this, after seeing abuses with my own eyes. Had I not seen these, I may have never learned not to place my trust in humans.

  2. Your remarks are so true, UnKnowable. I feel exactly the same way, and I have read of these same occurances within the ranks of Islam. It is risky for those who convert; however, the same Lord who is saving them is also very capable of protecting them. Proverbs 1:7 has never been more evident.
    As for the pope, and all who agree with him, I have been watching his antics from the beginning, and it looks as though he is being set up to be the false prophet, but if he is not the one, he is certainly a prototype. It can’t be long. Be encouraged and watchful, little flock. Times will be hard, but we have a Champion who has it all in control.

  3. Obviously, something quite significant is happening all around us. I’m trying not to predict anything, but I believe that the things we see happening are signs that God’s plan is in motion right now.

    I’d be lying if I said that I’m not feeling a degree of anxiety about all of this, these are epic events, but God is in charge and He will prevail.

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