Pope: Fundamentalists ‘a Scourge’

Pope Francis

Smile when you call millions of Christians “a scourge.”

What with all the hoopla over the fake “impeachment” last month, I never spotted this, er, development until just yesterday.

In a Nov. 18 speech, the Red Pope called “fundamentalists”–his definition of the word is not the same as ours–“a scourge” (https://www.breitbart.com/faith/2019/11/19/pope-francis-warns-fundamentalism-is-a-plague/).

“Beware of fundamentalists,” he said. “Everyone has his own. In Argentina there is a little fundamentalist corner. Fundamentalism is a scourge, and all religions have some kind of fundamentalist first cousin…”

A few points to ponder:

If “fundamentalists” have any influence on events in Argentina, it’s virtually undetectable. Downright microscopic.

He separates “fundamentalists” from “religions,” which makes us wonder what he means by “religion.”

Mr. Inclusive excludes millions of Christians from “religion.”

He seems to think all “fundamentalists” are violent. Sort of an obstacle to setting up a nice cozy world government and world religion, with everybody saying and doing and thinking exactly the same thing at the same time. He would call it “diversity.”

For the record, a Christian fundamentalist is one who takes the Bible seriously and believes what it says. That would include “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” wouldn’t it? Somehow the pope objects to that?

What portions of the Bible does he think are wrong, weird, or toxic? ‘Cause if he accepts and believes in the whole Bible…well, then he’d be a fundamentalist.

What the Pope’s Game?

See the source image

Do something four times, and we’re justified in thinking you’re doing it on purpose–even if we don’t know why you’re doing it.

Pope Francis last week, according to a “long-time atheist friend” who interviewed him for his atheist publication, denied the bodily resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (https://www.wnd.com/2019/11/4775784/), saying the risen Jesus was only “preserving the shadow of a person” and walking about “as the semblance of a spirit,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Behold my hands and my feet [Jesus said to His disciples], that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have. (Luke 24:39).

The Bible–and the Roman Catholic Church (and all proper Christians everywhere, for that matter)–plainly affirms that Jesus Christ was resurrected in the flesh. But the pope’s telling his atheist sidekick that no, it ain’t so.

Last month Pope Francis told this same, uh, “journalist” that Jesus Christ was just “a man of exceptional virtue,” and “not at all a God.” Last year, this same “journalist” quoted the pope as saying there is no Hell; and before that, in another “interview”–I put quotes around it because the Vatican keeps saying these are not real interviews, whatever they mean by that–the pope said the human race would go extinct: looks like Christ should have saved Himself the trouble of the cross, we’re still doomed.

Four times: the same interviewer; the same Vatican office disavowing the interview; and each time, no denial, no explanation, from the pope himself. Four times.

What’s he playing at? I mean, really–if you held a hugely important, responsible position in the world, would you go to be interviewed four times, over and over again, by some guy who kept putting damaging words in your mouth? Would you? Sheesh, he and Francis must be really good buddies!

Catholics need to start demanding their bishops explain to them what’s going on. Maybe a few hundred bishops en masse can pry out some kind of explanation from the pope.

Because whatever it is, it’s not Catholicism.

(Disclaimer: I’m not Catholic, but about half of my family is. My church is the fellowship of all believers in Jesus Christ as Son of God and Savior.)

‘Pan-Amazon Synod’: What’s Going On Here?

Image result for images of pachamama at vatican

Is the Pope Catholic? We wonder.

I’m finding these reports very hard to believe; but they’re all over the Internet and the pretty much jibe with one another; and they’re no more bizarre and disturbing than a very many similar incidents we’ve already seen in certain American churches. See this blog’s archives for my articles on “Paganism in the Church.”

They’re having this “Pan-Amazon Synod” at the Vatican, and it sounds like a festival of syncretism–that is, making a hash of Christianity by mixing it with paganism. It’s complicated, but here’s an article from The American Spectator that provides details and analysis (https://spectator.org/the-strange-gods-of-pope-francis/). Its title, “The Strange Gods of Pope Francis,” gets to the heart of the matter.

So we have “Indian activists… perform[ing] pagan rituals in the Vatican gardens,” with the blessing of Pope Francis and his bishops, an image of an ancient Inca goddess, Pachamama, trotted out as “Our Lady of the Amazon,” and “two men,” unidentified, who tossed the wooden image into the Tiber River. Church authorities had it recovered, cleaned, and restored to its place in the powwow. There’s also a painting of “an Amazonian mother suckling a dog.” What’s that about? Don’t ask.

Sounds like a Presbyterian Church USA national conference held some years ago, which featured all kinds of pagan humbug–the videos of which have since been taken down.

Analyst George Neumayr says that what this wing-ding is about is to “strengthen the UN-Vatican alliance,” a project dear to the hearts of the Pope and certain German bishops.

Which means that the ultimate vision, here, is one of a socialist global government backed up by a syncretistic mish-mosh of assorted religions with the Vatican, and either Francis or his hand-picked nature-worshiping successor, in the catbird seat.

And all the good and faithful popes of history are turning over in their graves.

Does this pope’s Bible have nothing to say about idolatry? Does he even have a Bible?

Whatever it is that’s going on here, it doesn’t look like any kind of Catholicism that any of the Catholics in my family would recognize.

He’s going to drive all the Catholics out of the Catholic Church if he keeps up these shenanigans.

P.S.–Here is an article I wrote covering the Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly of 2010 (https://truedsicernment.com/2010/08/26/the-presbyterian-church-usa-not-christian-anymore/). All the video of this weird spectacle has been cast into limbo: they decided they didn’t want anyone to see it anymore. Trust me, you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it.

‘Buy This Pope a Bible’ (2013)

Image result for images of paul and silas in prison

Go back five years, and we find Pope Francis saying all you need, to be saved, is a good conscience.


Doh! Every psychopath has one of those! But in the Book of Acts, Chapter 16, when the jailer in Philippi flat-out asks Paul and Silas, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”, they answer, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house” (verses 30-31).

The leaders of our churches don’t seem to be familiar with this scripture.

Did the Pope Really Say ‘Gay is OK’?

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We can’t answer that question because so far the Vatican has neither confirmed it nor denied it. But according to the victim of a pedophile priest in Chile, Pope Francis told him, in a private meeting, “God made you like this and God loves you like this” (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6337719/pope-francis-gay-man-god-loves-you/). This man is our only source for that remark.

Not exactly orthodox Catholic teaching, is it?

What does the Bible say? I Corinthians 6:9-11: “Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

Fornication is any sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman, and all fornication is sin, whatever the Red Pope says to the contrary. He was right to comfort this man, who was victimized, as a child, by a pedophile. He was right to tell him that God loves him. But he was wrong in every other respect.

Meanwhile, all 34 of Chile’s bishops last week offered to resign.

Why didn’t the Pope tell the pedophiles that “God made you like this and God loves you like this”? Is it only some sins that get the free pass? You can see this is extremely slippery theology.

My heart goes out to faithful Catholics who are so poorly served by the leaders of their church. They’re not the only ones. Protestant denominations, many of them, are also rife with false teaching and leaders who are very far from honoring God’s word.

But every hope for redemption rests in Jesus Christ; and they can’t change that.

Pope Threatens to Excommunicate God

Image result for images of the blind leading the blind

“The Blind Leading the Blind” (1568) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Having just declared that Catholics ought to apologize to “gays” ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/06/27/pope-church-gays-treatment/86425734/ ), it only remains for Pope Francis I, aka Comrade Pope, to say that God ought to apologize, too.

If there were any truth to this story which I am making up to make a point, the Pope would chide God Almighty for “Creating us capable of all sorts of sexual pleasures, you name it, and then not letting us enjoy it! Like, how mean is that??? Saying the only sex you can have is within a marriage–a man and a woman, no less! How dreadfully uninclusive! I mean, really, God has got a lot to answer for! And He had better straighten out, like real soon, or I’m gonna excommunicate Him!”

Now it is true that sinners sin, and that we are all sinners, some tempted this way, others tempted another way. Our problem is never with the sinner who struggles, and on his own is just not strong enough to achieve righteousness–which applies to every single one of us.

Our problem is with those wicked individuals who declare that their sin is not a sin, the Bible is wrong, God is wrong, and you’d better join them in “celebrating” it, or else. It is not the sin that’s the problem, but the out-and-out rebellion against God’s plainly stated word.

But I think it would surprise me to hear that this Pope ever reads the Bible.

Pope Revising 10 Commandments? Not True

It was all over the Internet today: Pope Francis saying God had instructed him to “revise” the Ten Commandments to allow homosexuality and adultery.

As near as I can ascertain, the story is not true ( https://www.truthorfiction.com/pope-francis-god-has-instructed-me-to-revise-the-10-commandments/ ).

I got suspicious when I read the Pope said God told him to add a new commandment forbidding “glorification of self over God.” Well, gee, Popey, have you just broken that one, this very minute?

Apparently the story originated as a satire published by Real News, Right Now.

I suppose people believed it because we’ve all learned that you never know what to expect from this pope. He is a way-out socialist from Argentina. He believes in Global Warming and wants America to erase its national borders. So rewriting the Ten Commandments doesn’t seem too far out for him.

Anyway, it’s a satire, don’t get upset over it.

We ought to rejoice any time a news story turns out to be a hoax.

A Interllectural Talks Abuot the Pope

Lookit that dum guy, he gose out to by grosseries and I come in and got his blog.

Ya know, somtimes it istnt easy bein a interllectural. Like, yestarday on compus I was waking past Mollatov Hall when I seen a poster on it, of The Pope. And I got mad bewccose thats religin and there istnt no religin aloud at our collidge, thats what collidge is for. So I done somethin abuot it.

I took my pen and drow a big Hilter mustash on The Pope and i was just writing some cuss words on the poster when my prefesser he come along and hit me upside the hed. Yuo” big ninkumpop he says, why” yuo doin that. Dont you know this here pope he is a good Pope!”

So I got confused and say prefesser, this here The Pope, didnt you say he is no good at all, hes a big fool and a relick, and a Hater, he dont allow no wimmin to be preists and he dont alow no gay marage? And my prefesser he says Yeah but that was last week, this is a good The Pope becase he beleaves in Globbal Warming and like th goverrmet must Do Somethin and Save the Planet, an he aslo beleaves in Equl Disturbution of Welth and no moe of that dirty nogood captalism”. And aslo Presdint Obamma he likes The Pop so that must be good.

So I says Well Prefesser im sorry, but i dont think I can errase that there Hilter mustash I drow on The Pope but I can cros out the cuss words, so i did and my prefesser he says never mind the mustash, Hilter he wastnt as bad as peple say, at leest he was a Socailist.

Alrighjt, now I Know this is a good The Pope and he helping The Presdint so its good for interllecturals to say this here is okay and we lik The Pope. And anyon who dosnt like The Pope is just stopid and a big dop, and not a interllectural at al.

Oh, and my prefesser he says that next week The Pope wil be no good again unles he makes wimmin Preests. Them iddoit christins!