My Newswithviews Column, March 11 (‘New Words for Old S***’)

Delusional Democrats' lies and misleading claims take center stage on  second night of convention | Fox Business

Can you say “colossal mega-whopper”?

Leftids twist words: that’s how they deceive normal people. You only think you understand what they’re saying! But “justice” doesn’t mean for them anything we might find in the dictionary.

The truth is not in them.

New Names for Old S***

Fap! I should’ve included a paragraph about the way they use the word “democracy.” Watch out when they trot out this one!

5 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, March 11 (‘New Words for Old S***’)

  1. Great column. I’m glad you made it clear what fascism really is, including the Peroniist variant. As for the ” democracy” redefinition, well, now you have a topic for next week’s column! 😉

  2. Well said. I can imagine Zuckerberg’s super computer putting out the AI for propaganda talking points. Who needs polls when half the world’s info is in your super computer.

  3. You hit the nail of evil, square on the head, with the hammer of truth, with your Newswithviews column.

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