Are They Doing It On Purpose?

Photos of Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream

Look around you, look at the nooze. It’s very hard to believe such things are done through mere incompetence. Cutting off the Keystone Pipeline, to cite just one of a multitude of examples, was an act of pure insanity.

More and more I’m coming to believe that the state of our country and the world is due to purposeful actions by our global ruling class. They’re doing it on purpose.

Why? I think because they wish to present a “narrative”–euphemism for “lie”–that nation-states are no longer capable of maintaining civilization and we need to scrap them all and set up a global government, owned and operated by the world’s elites. They will argue that current events prove we’re incapable of governing ourselves and we need them to manage The Planet. For our own good.

I don’t like conspiracy theories; but these things are done before our very eyes–how can we not see it? How else can we explain the Biden presidency?

Those of us who still pray had better pray much harder.

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  1. You don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist.” The conspirators have announced their intentions in public, including Klaus Schwab’s two recent books, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Covid-19: The Great Reset.” Many of the World Economic Forum (WEF) sessions have been filmed and are available on YouTube. Biden’s handlers and all the leftists keep using the WEF slogans, including “Build Back Better.”

    But if you disagree with their plans, or call attention to what they’ve said themselves as even BEING their plans, and especially if you claim that anyone who disagrees with them will be thrown in jail, then they’ll say you’re a domestic terrorist and a purveyor of misinformation, and … they’ll throw you in jail.

    1. I don’t know, the globalists seem to be on the outs with Xi. They created the economic power that is China, and now it seems Frankenstein’s monster has turned on them.

    2. Right now the one-world-government people are mostly the Davos group, i.e., the WEF. They’ll use any national leader to break down other nations (or the leader’s own nation), but once the destruction is accomplished they’ll throw their puppets away — as they’re doing now with Putin.

  2. Have been reading about these plans by CFR and all the other organizations related to them for many years, and it is obvious that their plans are coming together in this time frame. Remember when George H.W. Bush made his speech saying the New World Order is shaping up? Well, he wasn’t kidding.

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