‘Let’s Shut Everybody Up’ (2016)

Governor's plan for Florence prison inmates surprises Arizona sheriffs

The Regime is always right!

Back in 2016 Democrats were excitedly talking about pitching people into jail for Climate Change Denial–failure to believe in Man-Made Global Warming.

Let’s Shut Everybody Up

Don’t go thinking they’ve changed! If they had a few more votes in Congress, they’d turn this into a clone of Commie China overnight.

Keep your eye on the nooze. They’ll never be content with only Cancel Culture. They want to push tyranny a lot farther than just keeping your comments off the Internet.

3 comments on “‘Let’s Shut Everybody Up’ (2016)

  1. For a while they were also talking about jailing covid “science-deniers.” And they’ve actually begun building “quarantine camps.” And referring to concerned parents complaining about pornographic and racist brainwashing in the schools as “domestic terrorists.” The covidmania is fizzling out now, so they’re turning back to the climbit change schtick again.

  2. Now it is denying what we are doing in Ukraine that is “treasonous.” Our current U.S. policies are causing great hardship on the people in Russia where if they publically object to the war in Ukraine they go to prison. And U.S. policies are causing Saudi Arabia to accept Chinese money for oil instead of U.S. dollars (petro dollars) – if this continues worldwide, America will be broken financially beyond repair, then hello global government via the billionaires.

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