Bell Mountain Hero Goes Free-Lancing

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Just on a whim yesterday, I did a search for “Abombalbap.” I expected nothing: after all, he’s only a character in a book that’s only mentioned in my Bell Mountain books. Abombalbap is the hero of a lot of old stories of romance and adventure. Ellayne loves those Abombalbap stories. She has a big thick book full of them, handed down to her by her father.

Imagine my surprise when I got hits for “Abombalbap” from outside Bell Mountain!

Yup–my own Abombalbap has been adopted as a character in at least three fantasy role-playing games that people play on line. I’m only waiting for an Abombalbap movie to come out so I can sue for the rights.

(“See? I toldja these books are fun!”)

I’m glad my books have brought that much pleasure to some of their readers.

May God make my work fruitful in His service.

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