‘Yes, We Need the Pastor Protection Act’ (2016)

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I haven’t got the heart to illustrate this with any kind of picture of a pseudo-marriage. Here are a couple of nice puppies instead.

A few years ago, some people began to realize that the Constitution won’t protect our religious liberties unless five Supreme Court justices enforce it. So Texas, then Florida, and then Ohio passed “pastor protection acts” to prevent the state from forcing churches to perform homosexual parodies of marriage.

Yes, We Need the Pastor Protection Act

Democrats have always had conniptions over this. They really hate religious freedom. They think you should worship them instead of God.

Is it so hard to imagine a Blue state issuing a “Mandate”–they love mandates!–requiring all churches to perform those pseudo-marriages?

They’ll have us in the arena with the lions next.

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  1. All of our freedoms seem to be challenged, these days. Freedom of speech and freedom of belief are the big ones. I pray that our freedoms are preserved.

  2. We know, as we read Scriptures concerning the end times, that it is going to get very rough. If it comes to either standing up for what is right against this barrage and dying for my beliefs,or bowing to demands like this I definitely choose to die rather than fall away from the Lord, which is far worse FAR WORSE

  3. Please pray for my younger son, Eric, this morning. He is feeling sick and the older son, Greg is out of town working today, so that leaves me to try to care for the animals if Eric can’t do it, and it is windy, rainy, and I am not really up to the job.

  4. Thank you for prayers. But why do you say that? Have I indicated something disturbing? I want to request the song Lord Take All That I have by Carroll Roberson

  5. We need a ground swell of Christian activity at the local lever making sure the church fulfills her duty to be guardians of the gates of the city – it’s our job and it hasn’t been done for several generations (you know, politics is dirty so Christians should not get involved). May November 2022 elections be a landslide for our side, and the GOP majority be headed by strong Christian believers.

    1. By the way, the last election 2020, was a real landslide for Trump! The fraud was so overwhelming, that if it had been an honest election, Biden would not have gotten more than a handful of electoral votes! And yet, even though the evidence is so overwhelming of fraud, almost nothing has been done! But maybe enough has been done, that maybe it may be mostly an honest election, then, maybe it may be a landslide.

  6. I am sorry brother, but the Constitution does protect our religious liberties, and so does the Supreme Court! Most Christians do not understand why it seems that is not true. Most Churches and Christians give permission to the state, the courts, and other government agencies permission to violate their God-given rights, which are enshrined within the Constitution of the USA. Let me ask one question, and depending on your answer, will determine if you understand how you give away your God-given rights and those protections written into the Constitution.

    Does anyone in the USA need a state-issued marriage license to be lawfully married? If you answered yes, that is where the problem lies! The correct answer is NO! But most people believe they do, so they go to the government to get permission to do so. Every time the state seems to violate our Constitutional rights, its because the Churches and Christians, and everyone else gave the government permission to do so!

    I am sure you have questions about this, I have answers and real-life examples of this, in my own life, thus, I know what I am talking about!

  7. This issue has nothing to do with that, nor am I referring to that here. What I am dealing with here, I have dealt with directly and personally. Christian Churches have freely given permission to the state to take their freedoms, and then, like the case you mentioned, complain when the government asserts the authority they gave to them. And when churches (and people) take back their permission from the government, they win and gain their freedom. Now, what is the answer to the question I asked, for it is tied to this issue. Do Christians need a state-issued marriage license to be lawfully married? This is so pertinent to this discussion! That is tied to the question, do Christian ministers need a license from the state to preach or to marry folks? The main question I really have not asked, is, How do Churches give up their Constitutional rights? All those kinds of cases, such as the one you mentioned, really have nothing to do with Constitutional rights! It’s all about one word LICENSE. If Christians would understand this one thing, this issue would be over in very short order! And so would most areas of concern such as wearing of masks, quarantine mandates, business lockdowns, public gatherings, church closings…on and on and on … every aspect of life!!!

    1. Without a license, the church may perform a “commitment ceremony,” but we are told that’s not a legal marriage. So what are we to do? How do we “take back” our right to get married?
      “Mandates” have replaced legislation. I have no idea what to do about it.

  8. In answer, I will try to make this as short as I can. First, a bit more background.

    In the War of 1812 with Great Britain, The Battle of New Orleans was the greatest American victory. But it was a needless victory, a needless loss of lives, with the British suffering over 2,000 casualties, and only 71 Americans killed. For the battle took place two weeks after the war had officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent.

    The “Pastor Protection Act” is like fighting the Battle of New Orleans over once more, needlessly; and not just this time, but in all the remaining states that haven’t signed that legislation.

    Brothers and Sisters, the war has been won, and victory has been achieved. In the Church’s and Christian’s arsenal of God-given rights, is the First Amendment, which reads in part: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    Really? Then why are Churches being fined, pastors thrown into jail, and found “guilty” of various “crimes” such as mentioned? What is going on? Is the First Amendment being overridden? Put aside? Most of these kinds of cases, are painted and presented as the government violating someone’s Constitutional “Rights.” But in many court cases, with Churches or pastors, the claimants’ Constitutional Rights are not being disputed. The problem, the claimants think they are. Just as you do.

    There are many ways anyone can voluntarily remove themselves (or a Church or pastor) from the protection of the First Amendment! And without realizing they did, then complain, sue the government, state, city, or federal in court (when their “rights” were violated). Many times losing! Why?

    There are three main ways, pastors, Churches, Christians, and others lose our First Amendment rights. Contract, incorporation, and license.

    You state: “Without a license, the church may perform a “commitment ceremony,” but we are told that’s not a legal marriage.”

    This is a perfect example to explain how and why Christians, pastors, Churches, and couples getting married, give away their First Amendment rights! Let’s explain:

    First, what is “license”? From Black’s Law Dictionary, seventh edition we learn it’s:
    “A revocable permission to commit some act that would otherwise be unlawful.”
    A general definition of license is:
    “Permission to do a particular thing, to exercise a certain privilege or to carry on a particular business or to pursue a certain occupation.”

    My wife, who was Filipino, came to the US on a fiancée visa. One of the requirements was, we had to get (lawfully) married within 90 days or she would face deportation. Did we need permission (license) from the ungodly (state government) to get married, to exercise my faith or religious beliefs? Answer: NO! What can’t be done by government? Prohibit the free exercise of my religion! Does a Christian minister need permission (license) from the state to preach the gospel, or carry out any religious duties required by the Lord? Answer: NO! We had an unlicensed minister perform the unlicensed wedding. We wrote our own wedding documents! Did USA Immigration officials have a problem with our documents and what we did? At first, yes. I had to explain to them, as I am doing here, what the law is, and what protections the First Amendment gives us. I had a few long discussions with immigration officials about this. In the end, yes, what we had done was fully lawful, and we were lawfully married! She got her green card, even though the officials knew we did not have a state issued “marriage license.” Because we were lawfully married, we never had a problem with bank accounts, insurance and so forth.
    Let say a few more things about a marriage license. There are three parties to that contract. Husband, wife, & the state. God is not part of the contract. That contract places you under the jurisdiction of “Family court, their laws, their rules, and their court system. The US Constitution does not apply to you if you get a “license”, you cannot use Constitutional law in their court system (but sometimes they let you get “away” with it). Under the Constitution, if one wants a divorce there has to be cause, a trial, judge and jury, but not if you get a license! For under the civil law, there is no-fault divorce, so forget the Constitution in such a case.
    If a pastor has a minister’s license, and performs an unlicensed marriage, dire consequences can occur, maybe jail time or fines! Why? He violated his agreement (license) he got from the state. The state sets the rules for every license it issues. And if you violate those rules, you become subject to those penalties it provides for violating them. I am sure, if you looked into those pastors who got into “trouble” for preaching against some sin, you will probably find they have a minister’s license (or their Church has been incorporated), and have in some way violated one of its permissions, rules, or guidelines. Which the pastor or Church agreed to follow, when they obtained their license or incorporation status!
    So, I hope you understand, this issue is not about any pastors or Churches Constitutional Rights. But the contract, agreement, license, or incorporation status they have voluntarily entered into.

  9. That is a great question. And the answer is, YES, they can check out! And if a church has incorporated, they can unincorporate. And if a minister has a license, he can revoke it.

    An unlicensed minister has no restrictions placed upon him. He can preach or teach anything the Lord puts upon his heart. He can marry or perform funerals or any duties he desires. But a licensed minister had better heed his master, the state. For what the state licenses, the state controls and sets the rules and requirements.

    When a church incorporates, it becomes a corporation, over which the state has jurisdiction, and its First Amendment rights mean nothing. If a church unincorporates, the state cannot take that church to court! However, because the majority of churches in America are now incorporated, many bureaucrats, and some judges, will just presume they are dealing with churches over which they have jurisdiction. An unlicensed (unincorporated) church needs to be firm and direct: “You’re dealing with a sovereign church. You are barred by the First Amendment. You have no jurisdiction, and I challenge you to prove your jurisdiction. Once jurisdiction is challenged, it must be proven.

    I am very sure, that any case in which a church has been taken to court, you will find, that it was not a church, but a corporation, which has no First Amendment protections.

    The best book I have ever read on this subject is “In Caesar’s Grip” by Peter Kershaw. Please read it. You will gain great insight into what is going on, and most importantly, what to do about it.

  10. A church (non-licensed) is not tax-exempt, but non-taxable. Tax-exempt status would be a privilege granted to it by some government. The government does not give anyone any rights. All rights come from God, not government. If the government can grant you exempt status, it can take it away. If it can give you license, it can also take away that permission.

  11. The information I have presented about a marriage license is so important. No Christian should ever, for any reason get one! Why bind yourself to an evil system? You do not need one in any state to be lawfully married. If a Christian man or woman goes through a divorce, and they have that license from the state, in most cases that will destroy their lives, from that point forward! For you will be dealing, for the most part, with evil judges and lawyers (there are some good ones), but you will be thrust into an evil ungodly system, which you gave permission, in many cases, to make your life a living hell.

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