Now It’s a Hospital Run by Wackos

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I’m getting tired of writing about dangerously useless people. Here’s something useful, instead–a fire hydrant.

At a children’s hospital in Oregon (, they’re teaching little children to “tuck their genitals.” I guess so no one can see they have any. They recommend taping your parts up tight, but admit it might hurt to pull off the tape when you have to go to the bathroom.

Holy cow, I can’t believe I’m writing this. You’ll have to click the link if you really want the details.

The hospital is concerned for patients with “tucking needs.” Do you know what that means? Since when did anybody have “tucking needs”? And who can “tuck”? Why, “people of all genders“! All? All? There are only two.

And they’re advising boys to visit a nearby sex shop.

Now… [he sighs]…either these kooks at the hospital truly believe this stuff, in which case they themselves belong in a rubber room somewhere, or they don’t–in which case they are immoral ideologues playing games with children’s health and have no business impersonating doctors.

Gee. It could be “both of the above.”

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  1. Both of the above and then some.

    Hymn request: “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder.” It’s been running through my mind this morning — don’t know why.

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