Be Wear ‘Of’ Oaled Aige!!!!!

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We herd a lexture “too-day” In Nothing Studdies that reely Skaired us!!!!! It “was” awl abote The Dizeeze “of” Oaled Aige!!!!!!

I useta thinck Oaled Aige it “was” cawzed By geting oalder but Nhow i knowe That’s Rong!!!! Noe!!! It is cawzed By Wyte Privlidge “and” Trans-Foabier!!!! and it is awl Wyte peples’ Fawlt and iff thare wazznt Noe Wyte poeple then thare woodnt Be noe Oaled Aige!!!!!!

Has yiu knotissed that Trans Peoeple thay nevver get Oaled???? Has you knowtissed that Minorites thay get Oaled wurst than Wyte peaple??? Our lexturer he sayed “Of coarse Minorites thay awlyaws get Shafftid and thare wazznt no Oaled Aige untill Wyte peoaeple thay Evolved fromb reely Bad “mungky”s!”!”

Becose “of” Thiss,, the ownly Thing “we” Can “Do” is throe awl Wyte poeaeple “in” Jale and taik awl thare Munny “and” thair Stuph and Re-diskribute It “to” Minorites!!!!! This it wood Be “reprayssions!”!”” This heer “it” “is” reel troo Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!! and then sumb Hater Biggit he sayed “Whel waht abuot Hillery? Wood yiu putt “her” In Jale and taik” awl her Stuph?”?”? Kneeless to say,, we beeted himb Up!!!!

That lexture it reely Bummbed me Out,, i thick i whil Eat somb jim sox nhow!!!

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  1. Ah, but Old People also get to be (ahem) differently abled as they get old, so they get disability intersectionality points to use against the temporarily abled who are trying to take their stuph. Ha ha. So there. 😝

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