Listen Up, Peasants! Here’s How You Beat Inflation

The Potato Eaters. 1885. Realism Vincent van Gogh 1853 - 1890 Dutch  Netherlands Stock Photo - Alamy

It was so much easier when Gerry Ford was president. All you had to do was wear a “WIN” button.

Inflation is sucking us dry, but not to worry–the noozies at Bloomberg Nooze have three sure-fire tips to fight inflation.

First, if your pets get sick, let ’em die. Who sez noozies have no souls?

Second, sell your car and rely exclusively on mass transportation! (Damn! Why didn’t I think of that? Well, there’ll be plenty of time to think, waiting for the bus that shows up late.)

Third, eat lots and lots of beans and lentils instead of meat.

Question! How hard is it to make a liberal choke to death on beans? One is sorely tempted to find out.

10 comments on “Listen Up, Peasants! Here’s How You Beat Inflation

  1. Not a whole lot of public transportation outside of large cities. And hard to ride a bicycle through the snow drifts and white ice of the Dakotas in the winter. Of course (according to the apparent assumptions of our overlords) we can always have our servants carry us everywhere in sedan chairs. As to how the servants will survive … well, let’s talk about covid or Putin instead.

    1. That’s assuming there’s even a bus service to wait for. Outside of major cities, there isn’t — and even in some large cities the buses run only on limited routes. If you don’t live, work, and shop on one of them you’re out of luck.

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