Are We Sure About This War?

Fighting escalates in eastern Ukraine | Financial Times

Russia has invaded Ukraine, the violence of this war is incalculable–and our whole government is cheering for Ukraine. But what if the Ukrainians aren’t the good guys? What if there are no good guys in this war?

Up until recently, and over a span of years, did we ever hear anything about Ukraine that wasn’t tied into some scandal or other? What about all those multi-million-dollar deals with Hunter Biden, complete with a `10 percent cut for “the Big Guy” who is now, allegedly, our president?

Sure, Vladimir Putin and the Russkies are the bad guys. But does that automatically make Ukraine the good guy? I find myself unable to come to that conclusion.

Meanwhile, as it preaches the sanctity of Ukraine’s national borders, our government refuses to enforce our own country’s southern border. What does that say about our priorities? Shouldn’t we be repairing our own ruptured border?

The American people don’t want to blunder into war in Europe. Can we trust our leaders not to do that?

I wish I knew.

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  1. Sadly, I do not believe we can trust our leaders or any leaders in the world. We knew this stuff was going to happen- the Scriptures describe it all. Our concern is to be ready, make everyone else ready as much as we can.

    1. How many Christian leaders have said this is the end during the Christian era, and yet here we still are. I like to concentrate on the prophecies that say the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas, and everyone will know the Lord. Let us show mercy when it comes to someone’s eschatology because no man knows the day or hour.

  2. There are no good guys in this war. Kelenskyy, the great “defender of freedom” has instituted vaxx passes, social tracking and credit scores, and UBI (universal basic income). He also shut down all media except a single government press and abolished all opposition political parties. And I just read that many of the supposed residential areas that Russia has bombed contained military weaponry including ground-to-air missile launchers — in other words, civilians are being used as human shields. This last item, by the way, has been confirmed not only by Russian sources but by a (stupid?) Ukrainian who thought it was clever to take videos of one of these sites and pass them around on social media. In other words, the Ukrainians are beating the Russians at the propaganda war if not the physical war. I was suspicious of Kelensky and gang from the beginning.

  3. I justt got a notice to my inbox saying Biden is announcing a “new world order” and that he will be head of it.

  4. The Ukraine is corrupt. It’s common for businesses to block Internet traffic from nations where cyber criminals operate with impunity and Ukraine is frequently among these nations.

    While I agree with White Rabbit than no man knows the day or hour, Jesus also have the signs of His return and told us to remain on the watch. The alliances that are currently in place dovetail nicely with what we are told to expect in Ezekiel 38, for the coming invasion of Israel.

    By establishing a land corridor to the Black Sea, Russia is broadening their ability to project power to the south and you may have noticed that Turkey has become a lot more friendly, of late, which makes sense in view of the fact that the Bosporus and the Dardanelles will become even more strategically significant if Russia succeeds.

    1. If we and our allies are simply trying to stop Russia from becoming too powerful in Eastern Europe, that’s at least a goal that makes sense. But we don’t have to go to war to do it.

  5. Thank you for being one of the few who question. And, noone, hardly, is asking, “Why, in depth, the ‘news’ won’t share why Russia is really doing this, does it have anything to do in any way with our own gov’t, or others, why really, would Russian war deciders risk being the bad guys in the world’s eyes, what really is going on?”

    1. I have a degree with honors in Political Science. I study history. I’m supposed to understand this stuff! And I don’t. Did Putin miscalculate beyond any error he ever made before? Are there reasons for this war that we’ve never heard mentioned? And so on. The reporting is even more unreliable than it normally is in wartime, and we don’t know what’s what.

      And putting our trust in *our* leaders–well, that’s living dangerously.

    2. That’s impressive, Lee. I certainly hope people who can, will ask questions, demand answers, and be more people to bring to light that we cannot blindly follow what we are told. And yes, ask Google a question regarding it, and what the CIA a.k.a. mainstream media wants you to read likely fills atleast the first 3 pages of query results. And they shouldn’t be leaders, technically they are our equals, representing our will as a whole, even employees… but no, their power corrupts many of them.

    3. There is a school of thought that Putin is having health problems. He certainly looks different than he did in the past. I’ve also heard speculation that Putin may be undergoing steroid treatment for some medical condition, and may have steroid-induced psychosis. That’s one school of thought.

      Another school of thought is that Putin is under demonic influence. It could be the case. I have heard several interviews with people that have dealt with him in the past and have of these people say that his behavior does not seem consistent with the person they had dealt with in the past. I can state that recent videos I’ve seen of him seem to reveal a very joyless, unhappy person that seems inconsistent with what I had seen in the past. I’m not saying that he was a good person, but videos I saw in years past at least seemed like he came across as fairly normal. What I’ve seen lately is alarming.

      There is a lot of buzz regarding Gog of Magog and Ezekiel 38 & 39 among some in the Christian community of late, and that prophecy speaks of hooks being put in the jaws of Gog. I would not attempt to claim that this is definitely the case, but I would not rule out the possibility. If that is the case, we would expect this to culminate with some future attack of Israel. At some point in time this situation will come about, but only time will tell.

      Tragically, in the meantime, a lot of suffering is happening. This one hits close to home for many people, because most Americans and Europeans relate to this. Ukrainians who were leading fairly normal lives 30 days ago are now refugees, or possibly directly in harm’s way.

    4. War is confusion, and it’s always been hard to get reliable war news. Ditto the history of any war: Thucydides admitted that–and he was reporting on the war in which he was a general.

    5. These days, even the sides are not easy to distinguish from one another. There are a lot of people that play both sides of the game.

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