Race-Based School Discipline–Oh, Boy!

See? All white liberals, doing the devil’s work

How good a job is public “education” doing of teaching kids that Everything Is Race?

Well, here we go–check out Washington. After the state legislature voted (!) to make Critical Race Theory (all whites are bad, all non-whites are oppressed) the foundation of school discipline policy, a school board voted to make the discipline itself race-based (https://mynorthwest.com/3399911/rantz-wa-schools-adopt-race-based-discipline-white-students-get-harsher-punishment/).

That means white kids get harsher penalties, non-white kids get easier ones, for the same offense.

White kids make up only 28% of the student body in this Clover Park district. But look at the school board–all white liberals! Does that stink to high heaven, or what? They passed this garbage, 3-2.

If you’re still sending your kids to a public school, why in God’s name are you doing that? Don’t you care what kind of toxic, racist poison they pump into children’s heads? I mean, they’re training kids to hate and fear each other, based on race. That’s what you’re getting for your school tax dollars.

Is that what you want?

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