Dogs & Kittens (Who’d Have Thought It?)

You’d think kittens would be afraid of great big dogs–but not in this video, they aren’t. Although one of the dogs seems to be afraid of kittens. For shame!

It’s nice to get glimpses into God’s Peaceable Kingdom.

Dogs Who Are Scared of Cats

What is this mysterious power that certain cats have over certain dogs? The dogs in this video are sure to be nominated to the Canine Hall of Shame.

Betcha anything, though, that cats know which dogs are going to let them get away with this. Try it on the wrong dog, and the fur is gonna fly.

My Favorite Cat & Dog Video

I make no apology for running this video again. It’s one of my all-time favorites. I need a laugh today. So do you, whether you know it or not.

I wonder what that cat is thinking.

Cats & Dogs & Fitting In

Cats pour themselves into all kinds of containers. How do their skeletons stand it? As for why they do it… well, go figure.

As you’ll see in this video, the cats’ mania for fitting in has spilled over into dogs’ culture. Yes, dogs are now imitating cats.

No good will come of this, I fear.

Tiny Kittens Adopt Big Dog

When in doubt, try a cat video. There must be someone out there who’d like to see a cat video.

These kittens are only three or four weeks old, they’ve lost their mother… and taken a shine to this great big dog who doesn’t quite know what to make of them.

Give it up, dog. Kittens always get their way.

Can’t a Poor Dog Have a Nap?

What patience! All the dog wants to do is enjoy a nap on the couch. But as far as the cat’s concerned, it’s playtime. “So let’s force the dog to play!”

Nobody gets hurt, by the way. Animals are very, very good at that! Well, I once had a snapping turtle who wasn’t… but we’re talking cats and dogs here.

Happy Cat Massage

We call it “happy cat” when our cats do this to us. It’s a thing that kittens do when they’re nursing–probably why it’s also called “ecstatic kneading.” They only do it if they’re fond of you.

If you thought this might’ve been a stuffed dog, that’s OK: he doesn’t move a muscle until the very end. I guess he’s fond of the cat, too.

Dogs, Cats vs. Giant Spider

We all know humans who get freaked out by spiders. But mechanical spiders? Who’d ever get fooled by a mechanical spider?

Well, some of the dogs and cats in this video, for starters. But not all of them. Some quickly adopt it as a game.

Our cat Buster used to gobble up the great big nursery web spiders that sometimes blundered into our living room. It was, as someone said in Rodan, “Ah! Most sickening sight!”

Cats & Dogs: Chase Scenes

Our fuzzy friends are hunters at heart, and when they don’t have anything truly worth hunting–like a shadow, their own tails, a flicker of light, a jingly toy–they’ll hunt each other.

There is a few seconds in here of a cat catching a bird. Well, we all know cats like to do that. Happily, the camera didn’t pick up the gory details. But if you don’t want your cats to catch birds, mice, or harmless little snakes, don’t let ’em outside.

Like Dogs and Cats?

At the risk of getting a reputation for having a wacky blog, I offer this compilation of dogs trying to sit on cats, suggested by reader “LifeIsGood.”

I have no idea why these dogs wish to sit on cats and take so much trouble over it. I’m too big to experiment on my cats. Maybe it’s a dog’s idea of nice upholstery.