Waddaya Mean, Share the Bed?

Dog wants his bed; but a fearless kitten already has it and isn’t about to move. Being a golden retriever, the dog doesn’t just eat the kitten and forget it. But he wants that bed! Can they resolve this conflict? Stay tuned.

My Favorite Cat & Dog Video

Sorry, I know I’ve posted it before, but I can’t help it–this video is one of my all-time favorites. Watch the cat try to figure out what’s gotten into the dog. Let me know if you understand it.

Klutzy Dogs, Clumsy Cats

“There’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey.”

“What’s that, Edgar?”

“Wading pool running away from somebody.” [Characters from the old Rocky & Bullwinkle Show]

I wonder how people in Scurveyshire would react if the vicar’s backyard wading pool suddenly became ambulatory. I’d better not let them see this video.

Persistent Puppy

My family had a border collie pup. My iguana tried to make friends with her, but she kept running under the couch. (He’d always had such good luck with dogs…)

This border collie, though, is determined to play with the cat whether the cat wants to or not. Hat tip to the cat for not losing her temper.

Is It Love? (Cats & Dogs)

Enough thunder and lightning for one day! Here’s my critter video, a few hours early–couldn’t resist it.

Watch what the kitten has to do to get together with his friend, a puppy. And we have cats doing favor for dogs that maybe they shouldn’t do…

Coping with Machines (Cats & Dogs)

Living with humans means living with their freakin’ machines. Far be it from me to sneer at cats and dogs for not understanding electronic gizmos. I don’t, either. I remember the little toy tank I bought for Peep and Robbie… No, they didn’t like it!


Critters Doin’ Their Thing

Cats and dogs, as we do, have their share of embarrassing moments. I wonder if they can feel embarrassed. I mean, getting stuck between the cushions so you can’t get out–that’s got to be a blow to the poor dog’s self-esteem.

Pets vs. Doodads

What are cats, dogs, or birds supposed to make of plastic things that act like they might be alive, but aren’t? How do you explain to a cockatoo that it’s only a battery-powered plastic bird?

I bought my cats a little toy tank to play with, and all it did was make them run away and hide.

Chicken-Hearted Dogs

The dogs in this video are terrified… of cats! Fie and for shame. Come to think of it, a chicken would probably have more gumption than most of these dogs.

But cats do seem to know which dogs they can pick on and which dogs’ll give them what-for if they try.

Cats Show Dogs Who’s Boss

Why do so many animals allow themselves to be buffaloed by cats? All right, a puff tail is pretty scary–but gee, dogs, get a grip. You gators and bears out there, I’m talkin’ to you, too! Why do you take so much guff from cats?