‘When We Were Very Young and Foolish’ (2018)

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I cringe when I think of what a fool I was when I was younger–and you can bet your boots I didn’t know I was a fool. Heck, no–I was so smart (I thought!), I could just kiss myself all over. And all my friends were sages, too.

So we laughed at a priest who told us the truth.

When We Were Young and Very Foolish

At the same time it’s making you stupider and stupider, “higher education” convinces you you’re getting smarter. What a scam!

It took me 30 years to outgrow college. Some people never do.

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  1. A big part of education, these days, seems to be pumping up the egos of the students. I’ve seen people come out of college, trained in my field, that were absolutely going to change everything, even though they had no practical experience and didn’t truly understand how their training would be applied in real world situations. But this attitude was imparted to them in the classroom. Their instructors were telling their students that they would be ahead of the field, because of their education.

    This is a house of cards.

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