German Cops Will Smash Anyone Who ‘Hates’ Politicians

Achtung! Germany is still part of the Free World! And anyone who says different will be shot!

Well, okay–not shot. Just raided by the Polizei and packed off to jail ( Can you say “Thank God for the Second Amendment”?

In Germany it’s now against the law to “insult” politicians online; they call it “criminal content.” You’ll also get your door bashed in for “questioning” the results of Germany’s 2021 elections. (That slopping noise you hear in the background is American Democrats licking their lips in envy.) So wise up, everybody–no more “hate postings aimed specifically at politicians.”

One wonders if they’ve really changed so much since 1939.

I guess if I were in Deutschland now, I’d be in a heap o’ trouble for calling Whatsisname “SloJo.” Ooh! And all those nasty things I’ve said about other wastes of space who prey on us and call it government.

Just kidding, boss! You ol’ schweinhundt, you!

7 comments on “German Cops Will Smash Anyone Who ‘Hates’ Politicians

  1. I know Germans have a violent streak in them. Don’t know why, but every one I know and have known
    display this temperament.

    1. My mother’s side of the family is German. None of them could be called violent. Their chief foible was excessive reverence for authority.

  2. I appreciate and enjoyed your gov’t description! I feel for freedom-loving Germans there (and freedom lovers everywhere). May freedom ring for everyone.

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