Another ‘College’ Fail

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“Nobody expects the E-town Inquisition!”

Why does anybody want to go to college? Why do parents send their kids? It costs a fortune, and what do you get?

Take, f’rinstance, Elizabethtown College (never heard of it) in Pennsylvania. They’re playing with FIRE (–that is, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education–who has warned them to stop violating civil rights laws. Indeed, FIRE says the school violates many of its own stated policies.

*E-town, as they call it, practices segregation. Like so: “This group will be a space for people who identify as individuals of color.” I suppose I could walk through the door and “identify” as a Zulu; but the intent is clearly racial segregation. Not lawful.

*And because black students are “extremely marginalized” (and whose fault is that?), any “negative view” of Critical Race Theory is against the rules and will be punished. You know CRT–all whites are evil racists, all non-whites are pitifully oppressed and need white liberals to lead them across the street. Well, you can’t have a negative view of that.

*The “college” has also gone after a student group that privately raised money for traveling expenses, after the school refused to give them any. Somewhere there must be white supremacy here… has anybody looked under the rug?

This shabby excuse for a college is affiliated with the Church of the Brethren (never heard of them, either). Guys, do you support this schiff? If not, seems like a few firings are in order.

Does “higher education” teach anything but racial fear and hatred anymore?


Not that I expect an answer.

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  1. They work so hard looking for things to be offended by, it is no wonder they have no time left to spend on worthwhile endeavors. My, I would hate to be that driven.

  2. I just received an email from my former department at the university. They’re changing the English major again. Only two pre-1900 courses required, one of which must be pre-1800. Goodbye, Shakespeare, no more requirement. At the lower-division level, no more survey requirement, just one pre-1800 course. More “diversity” course requirements, and even non-“diversity” courses must have “diversity” elements in them, as well as “social justice” elements.

    This is going to be kind of hard to do with Beowulf or the Pearl Poet, but I suspect there won’t be too much teaching of Old or Middle English literature anyway. It’s a shame. We once had a thriving Medieval section in the department. I even taught some medieval drama myself. But even before this latest change they’d already killed off several of the courses I used to teach, including early 17th-century literature, which they smashed together with the 16th century to make one shortened Renaissance course. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how I’d have been able to work race and gender identity into Herbert’s religious poetry or Milton’s Paradise Lost.

    Parents, do not send your children to college. Have them learn a trade instead, and build a private library for them to enjoy.

    1. Public education must die–before it kills our country.
      One of the courses I enjoyed the most in college was a special honors course on Dante. It wasn’t going to put a dime in my pocket, ever, but I didn’t care. It was pure scholarship, taught by a professor who’d devoted his life to medieval literature.

      How much we’ve lost!

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