‘The Illusion of Control’ (2019)

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In Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs get loose and kill people. The reason they’re able to do this is because the park’s creators are 100% convinced they’re in control, nothing can ever happen to upset their plans.

They’re wrong. Horribly wrong.

The Illusion of Control

The chief danger of this age, worse than any T. rex, is globalist fat-heads who want to be as gods, controlling everything. They actually think they can do it–that’s what makes them dangerous. The World Economic Forum is one of Satan’s masterpieces.

Michael Crichton, educated in science and on a first-name basis with many scientists in many fields of study, made a career of warning us all about the limits of science–and what can happen when we go beyond those limits.

No one believed him.

Do we really have to wait for these WEF jidrools to drop a major catastrophe on us before we get wise to them?

6 comments on “‘The Illusion of Control’ (2019)

  1. the pseudo scientists are one of today’s most irritating groups. Of course, they join several other irritating groups.

  2. One factor that the World Economic Forum seems to have left out of its Great Reset / New World Order equation is the Muslim world. Muslims believe themselves to be commanded by their god to subjugate or kill the infidels and to create a New World Order that’s completely Muslim. If Klaus Schwab and his gang really think they can get THAT under control, they’re sadly mistaken. It’s going to be a case of the gingham dog and the calico cat — or, to be a little less frivolous (but not by much), Ivan Skavinsky Skavar and Abdul Abulbul Emir. And we all know what happened in THOSE battles, so we can only hope the ending is replicated before all the rest of us are killed.

    And then there’s China….

    1. I’ve often wondered about that–how do you set up a government that can govern both Euro-sissies and Islamic savages? No way that works, unless such a government were ready to resort to extreme use of force very, very often.

  3. It won’t work, just like such schemes have never worked in the past. When God confused the languages at Babel, He did so for good reason. This is the origin on nations. While terrible things have happened in the name of nationalism, there are huge problems that come from trying to circumvent what happened at Babel. We have machine translation, and it doesn’t work flawlessly.

    If I learn to speak another language, but never live in a place where that language is commonly used, it’s hard to truly become fluent in the nuances of that language. Customs vary, and the meaning of colloquialisms can vary radically, even when different nations share the same language. A speaker of American English can say something that is innocuous in the US, but would sound quite coarse to a South African or Australian.

    Ultimately, God divided the languages for a reason. Instant global communications has not undone Babel, but we find ourselves colliding with the boundaries God put in place. We can’t circumvent God, no matter how powerful the computer. If anything, the situation has gotten worse.

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