Very Strange Politics

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It’s gonna take more than witches’ brew to make this plan work!

I have an honors degree in Political Science and I’m supposed to understand this stuff. Ha, ha, ha.  I don’t.

I’ve been hearing this scenario bandied about in just the past few days.

Joe Biden’s polls are awful–probably worse than the 38-40% approval cited in the nooze. With the mid-term elections coming up, Dems are afraid Biden will lead them off the cliff.

Solution! You get rid of SloJo somehow (think of the aged Tiberius, smothered under a pillow as he waited for his beef cutlet) and Kamala Whatsirname becomes president. Her polls are even worse than Biden’s, but somehow that doesn’t bother Democrats. One commentator warned, “You’ll know the game is on when the media suddenly begins to discover hidden depths of wisdom in Kamala.” This presumes the public is even more easily fooled than anybody thought.

Next, Kamala appoints Hillary Clinton vice-president. That Hillary is probably the most widely unpopular and least trusted politician in America is not a consideration.

And then, shazzam! Kamala resigns (why?) and gets a seat on the Supreme Court where she can cackle mindlessly away for the rest of her life, and two-time loser Hillary becomes president without having had to win an election.

And America lives happily ever after! Somehow the consent of the governed, public approval, and popular support have become completely unnecessary.

Honk if you think this is any more than a psychotic episode.

4 comments on “Very Strange Politics

  1. Interesting. I read an even scarier scenario this morning. This is from Andrea Widburg on the American Thinker blog today:

    1. Have the Democrat establishment remove Kamala Harris from office, whether through threats or bribes.

    2. Have the Democrats declare that, because world instability (Ukraine, Putin, China) puts us at unprecedented risk, only a politically seasoned person can be Vice President, with Obama graciously accepting that role.

    3. Oust Biden using the 25th Amendment. And voila! President Obama (again). He can even have Stacey Abrams as his veep.

    The 22nd Amendment does not bar Obama from regaining the presidency this way. It only stops him from being “elected to the office.” The three steps above avoid an election.

  2. You have to admire the irony of all this. The Dems picked the two of most incompetent people to be their candidates. They thought that when they stole err won the election, they had it made. As it turns out, rigging an election was the easy part. They have no idea what to do with it once they actually had it. Now all eyes are on them as they slowly implode. They can try and blame someone else for their problems, but it’s not going to work. They are in quicksand and sinking fast.

    I’m sure they have some diabolical plan in the works to get rid of Biden before 2024, if not sooner. But to do that they would have to do a lot of shuffling and chicanery. Personally, I don’t think that’s going to work. Nor do I think the American people would accept it. Then there’s Kamala. I don’t think she’s the type of person to just step aside and let someone else have all the glory. She already doesn’t like playing second fiddle to Biden. When they betray her, she’s taking them down with her.

  3. Lee, let’s go with your scenario and imagine Hillary as President (God forbid!). Now, who will be her VP? Here’s an idea that I’m sure will be suggested to her, even by her husband. Who will it be, you ask? Why, her husband, of course! Two for the price of one and all that. And maybe the removals and replacements won’t even end there. Dealing with Democrats is always such an interesting game of Russian roulette.

    And yes, I know my scenario would be called nepotism. But as far as I can tell, there’s nothing in the Constitution that forbids two family members from serving together. If the courts find something against it, there can always be a quickie divorce — or even an annulment. Or an Arkancide. (gulp)

    1. They act like they believe they can totally get away with anything they do. Why do they believe that? I’m a Political Science wallah–and I don’t know!

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