Groomers Take Aim at New Jersey Schools

It's Perfectly Normal: A Book about Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and  Sexual Health by Robie H. Harris

This “sex ed” textbook, which “teaches” that every possible sexual activity is “perfectly normal,” is now 20 years old.

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I have covered, in person, several New Jersey “sex education” conferences. It’s depressing work; but at least I know that the groomers have been working on this for years.

Starting this September, the groomers in our public schools are set to lay a whole new “sex ed” curriculum on New Jersey’s children (–this one stressing “gender fluidity” more than they’re already pushing it.

As State Senator Holly Schepisi says, “I truly think New Jersey has lost its damn mind.”

Senator, they lost it years ago. Here’s a New Jersey sex ed conference I covered in 2011 (  It was pretty raunchy then. Imagine how much worse it’s gotten since.

What is the point of loading down 8-year-olds with masses of, ahem, “information” about aberrant sexual behavior? Libs and “teachers” hate it when you accuse them of being groomers–but what else can this possibly be? If they’re not preparing children to become sexual playthings, then what the dickens are they doing?

Forget about “reforming” public education: it’s too far gone for that.

What will work is to pull our children out of public schools and watch public education die.

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  1. I remember a time when people who talked like that to children would have been arrested. Now if you object to what they’re saying to children, you’re the one who gets arrested.

    1. Our world is broken and we can’t fix it because idiots and villains are in charge. We need God to say “This stops now.”

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