‘Seattle Councilman: Washing Poo Off Sidewalk Is “Racist”‘ (2017)

Worker Hose Washes Sidewalk Stock Photo by ©alkhanz 318651906

Cleanliness is racist! Ask any wacko…

This is another one of those nooze stories that never got followed up, so we don’t know whether that courthouse in Seattle wound up surrounded by a wall of poop.

Seattle Councilman: Washing Poo off Sidewalk is ‘Racist’

Does anybody doubt our civilization is broken? And we can’t fix it? Does anybody doubt it’s time for God to say “This stops now”–and put a stop to it?Really–what could be more symbolic of the whole Far Left Crazy than a public sidewalk befouled with human feces?

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  1. And no one points out to them that it’s racist to assume that leaving excrement on sidewalks is a mark of black culture, right? But come to think of it, if someone does try to point it out, they’ll probably call him a racist.

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