CNN Headed for the Glue Factory?

CNN+ vs. CNN: Price, launch date, features

They won’t even be able to pay for the sign.

Mainstream nooze has been in trouble for years now. I remember when “Moesha” re-runs did better in the ratings than Dan Rather’s nightly nooze show.

Back before Christmas Bill O’Reilly predicted CNN would be sold this year and all the Far Left fake nooze artists would be fired as the new owners tried to reconfigure CNN into an actual news network. Well, Discovery is about to close a merger deal that will give them ownership of CNN; and meanwhile CNN’s new streaming service, “CNN+,” has tanked, big-time–an “epic failure,” as some describe it, with less than ten thousand daily viewers. That’s the first part of O’Reilly’s prediction come true.

And the sub-headline: “Big Cuts Loom.” The left-wing chatterboxes are going to wind up pumping gas or sweeping the floor at their local 7-11.

They’ve brought it on themselves–not a dry eye in the house. Their four-year orgy of Trump-bashing, seasoned with heaping spoonfuls of outright lies, has carried them to the brink of extinction. Whether the new owners can successfully set up a network that people will watch remains to be seen. They’ll have to deal with the fact that CNN has lost some 90% of its viewership.

This is not rocket science. If your thing is mocking and berating more than half of your potential customer base, you have no right to expect anything but failure.

We need news outlets that actually give us the news, as accurately and honestly as possible. Our Far Left major nooze networks refuse to do this. So don’t watch them. Ever. Let them join CNN on the great media landfill.

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  1. Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, if successful, would bring the other Big Tech censorship shops down. Isn’t it amazing how CNN and the other MSM preach censorship of free speech is good for democracy.

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